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September 2003
  Tuesday, September 30
ROTK Trailer Screencaps and Sound Clips
The official LOTR site now has The Return of the King trailer available for download in Quicktime format. You can download a RealVideo version from Moviefone. Sharon sent in some large screencaps, and I made sound clips of Legolas's 2 lines.

Total Film Scans
Tanya sent in these scans from the November issue of Total Film (UK). (1 & 2) Also, in a Rob Zombie interview, he mentioned POTC as the last movie he saw, saying: "I like pirate movies and they never make 'em because they have a history of being disastrous. I thought it really captured the spirit of the Disney attraction. The pirates were cool and kind of disgusting and nasty. A good pirate movie is hard to come by."

Best Magazine Article
Marny has posted the Orlando article from the September 30 issue of Best (UK) at ka-Bloom.

Kinema Magazine Scans
Elf Lady has made scans from the August issue of Kinema magazine (Japan). (1 & 2)

Orlando Filming Midsomer Murders?
From Jac: Not sure if it's true or not, but I heard that Midsomer Murders is being filmed in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire (UK) on Friday, and apparently Orlando Bloom's going to be filming?!
Mizz magazine did report a few weeks ago that Orlando would be filming another episode of the series, but I have no further info.

Zumanity Photos from Wireimage
Guitarchick at ka-Bloom posted larger versions of the Wireimage photos. (last 9)

Woman Magazine
From Amalie: In the October issue of the Danish magazine Woman, Orlando is in 8th place as the sexiest man of the year - out of 100! He got 2221 votes and last year he was nr. 50. There's some fact about him as well, and an A4 size picture.

New Orli Music Video
Sonia has created a great new Orli tribute video titled "Too Good To Be True". You can find it on her site under MISC videos.

Teen People
From Tanya: Orlando is in the November issue of Teen People (US). His name is mentioned on page 111 next to the Mini Cooper and there is a pic of him as Legolas on page 20.

AOL Movies Welcome Screen
Kristina sent in a screencap of the AOL Movies welcome screen featuring Legolas.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Simone (30's).
Happy Belated Birthday to Sarah (16) from Rachel.

  Monday, September 29
Return of the King Trailer
Here is a link to the Return of the King trailer from AOL, in RealVideo format. The official site should have the trailer later today in Quicktime format. E! News Live will also show it tonight at 7pm. TORN has posted a frame by frame analysis of the trailer.

Upfront Magazine Scans
Middle earth angel sent in scans from the Oct./November issue of Upfront (UK), which is free at Connex stations. It also has an interview with Kiera Knightley & an article on "Middle-earth lands at the science museum".

Ned Kelly Movie and Interview Clips
Claddagh at ka-Bloom posted a link to Mymovies.net which has four movie clips from Ned Kelly, as well as an Inside Info clip that has an interview with Orlando. You need to register to view it, but registration is free.

Ned Kelly Reviews
The Daily Mirror has a review of Ned Kelly, as well as the Irish Independent.

Photo in NJ Record
From Steph: In the Entertainment section of The Record (New Jersey, US) there is a pic of Orlando and Johnny Depp. The article talks all about "Pirates" producer Jerry Bruckheimer and all his projects.

Newsround Poll
From Holly: On Newsround's Favorite Celebrity poll Orlando won (again!) with Keira Knightley losing. New this week is Elijah Wood.

More Alloy Quizzes
From Kimberly: If you take the "What's your Flirting Style?" quiz on alloy.com and get 'Aloof Flirt', it says your Celeb Love Match is Orlando Bloom.
From Sarahmir45: There is also another test called "What's your guy type?". If you get the Artist as an answer, there's a pic of Orlando.

Best Magazine
From Kim: I was looking through my mums 'Best' magazine (30th September issue, UK) and there is a one and a half page article about Orlando, entitled 'The heartache behind the smiles- I thought I'd never walk again'. There's a picture of him in Ned Kelly, LOTR, and POTC, as well as a newspaper clipping about his real father, and a photo of him in a press conference (I think).

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jill (17), Courtney Mae (15), Amanda (16), and Maggie from her friend Andrea.

  Sunday, September 28
Orlando in The Journey Is The Destination
From a Toronto Star article on Torontonian director Bronwen Hughes:
Her next project is The Journey Is The Destination, starring red-hot Orlando Bloom (Pirates Of The Caribbean) in the role of the young Reuters photog/artist Dan Eldon and skedded to be shot in Kenya. "Dan Eldon, a humanitarian artist, was killed in Somalia before Black Hawk Down," she explained. "In the old days, journalists were off-limits. Now journalists are prime targets."

Super Magazine Scans
Charlotte sent in these scans from the September issue of Super (France). (1, 2, 3)

POTC Press DVD Screencaps
Verena from OBL sent in some great screencaps from the press DVD for POTC.

Behind the Scenes of TTT on DirectTV
Go behind the scenes of "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" in this DIRECTV FREEVIEW special just for our DIRECTV TOTAL CHOICE customers on September 28 at 6:00am, 10:30am and 3:00pm.

Very Graham Norton Clip
Channel 4 has posted a streaming RealVideo clip of Orlando on Very Graham Norton, discussing the awkwardness of kissing your costar. Thanks to OBM.net for the link.

Alloy Quiz
From Squinties21: On Alloy.com, you can take a quiz named "What's your fall face 2003?" If you get Natural Gal they will say that your Cool Crush is Orlando Bloom.

Tiger Beat
From Dana: I received an e-mail from the editor of Tiger Beat (US), she told me that Orlando will be mentioned or have articles in the next issue of Tiger Beat which goes on sale October 14 and in the December issue of BOP (US) which goes on sale December 11.

Small Photo in New York Daily News
From Steph: Orlando had a small pic in the New York Daily News (US) on Saturday, in the crossword puzzle. He was the center celebrity.

More Zumanity Photos
From Mary: I was looking for more pics of the Zumanity premiere and I found these thumbnails at Wireimage.

Upfront and CNmagazine
In CNmagazine (UK), it has a picture of Orlando and Johnny Depp on the front cover. Also, in Upfront magazine, (free from connex train stations) it has Orlando on the cover and a three page article and photos on him.

19 Magazine
From Lauren: In the October issue of 19 (UK), Orlando - along with Liam Gallagher - won Bad Boy Barnet of the Month: "Bad Boy Barnet(s) of the Month. And the winners are...: Orlando Bloom and Liam Gallagher. Liam: leave curtains to Ikea. Orlando: leave tendrils to octopuses." (barnet is slang for hair)

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Liz, and to April P. (19) from her sister Stephanie.

  Saturday, September 27
Mix Magazine Scan
Katiana sent in this poster from the October issue of Mix (Finland).

Ned Kelly Photo From Yorkshire Post
Silvia sent in this Ned Kelly photo from the September 26th issue of the Yorkshire Post. Their supplement Guide to What's On features Orlando Bloom on the main page.

Orlando as James Bond?
From dailyrecord.co.uk: Chancer star Clive Owen will be revealed the new James Bond to the world at the end of next year. ... "The producers keep screen testing possible replacements for Brosnan. Most recently, it was Jack Davenport and Orlando Bloom. It seems as soon as someone is hot, they get called in. But Jack and Orlando are possible Bonds of the future. Remember, Robbie Williams was even linked with Bond, but Clive's name keeps cropping up."

Hellomagazine.com Quiz
Hellomagazine.com has posted a quiz about Orlando. (Even if you get them all correct, it will still say you only got 90% correct.)

Max Magazine Article
Frannie has translated the Orlando article from the September issue of Max (Italy).

ROTK Screencaps
Bonnie has made screencaps of the Return of the King trailer shown on Taiwan TV, that you can download from TORN.

Troy Filming Halted by Hurricane Marty
From Yahoo News: Warner Bros. has called off filming of the historical epic "Troy" after its sets in Mexico's Baja California peninsula were destroyed by Hurricane Marty. ... Sources close to the production told AFP that filming was likely to begin in the first half of October. The film, an epic about the Trojan Wars starring Pitt as Achilles, has already been hit by production snags. Filming was moved from Malta to Mexico because of security concerns. Tentatively slated for release in May 2004, the film co-stars Eric Bana of this summer's ill-fated "The Hulk" and Orlando Bloom, better known as elfin archer Legolas in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

Mexican Magazine Scans
Cinthya of Orlijah - Woom sent in the following Mexican magazine scans from September: Por Ti, Seventeen (1, 2, 3), Notas Para Ti (1 & 2)

Starlog Article
Kira has posted the Orlando article from the November issue of Starlog on the ka-Bloom forum.

Teen People Poll Results
From Lisa: Orlando Bloom was mentioned in the Teen People newsletter. He was number 3 of 10 stars that fans thought should run for student council.

Orlando Reference on Joan of Arcadia
I posted this info back in July, from Bailey who was an extra on the pilot episode. Glad to see it didn't get edited out!
From Rachel: I was watching the season premiere of "Joan of Arcadia" and during one scene where Joan asks her friends to describe the guy they saw Joan with ("God") they referred to him as "Orland Bloom-ish”... personally I didn't see the connection.

Ned Kelly Review
From Stephanie-lou: Freeserve.com has posted a review on Ned Kelly, giving it 4 stars.

New Poll Question
The new poll question on the home page is a variant of one submitted by LegolasLover2003. The results of the old poll showed that 30% of you want to see Orlando with a bow and arrow again, in Robin Hood. 20% wanted him to play Aladdin, 12% Tarzan, and 9% Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sonia Wong (17) from her friend Sarah.
Happy Belated Birthday to Becca (15).

  Friday, September 26
Joepie Article
Evi has sent in a translation of the article from Joepie (Belgium).

Studio Magazine Scan
Elodie sent in this photo from the October issue of Studio (France).

Mention in YM Quiz
From Brittany: The new issue of YM mentions Orlando and Elijah in its quiz. The question says "What is your take on celebrity obsession?" A) If I can hold on long enough I'll run into Trent Ford on the street! It’s fate! B) I don't get it. How do girls get crushes on two-dimensional photographs? Pathetic. C) Orlando and Elijah are cute. I wish more boys at my school looked like that.

Hitkrant and Break Out
From Lenny of Bloomania: Dutch Magazines Hitkrant and Break Out will both have a big poster, in their issues for next week. They will be in the stores on the second of October.

More Info on Legolas Figures
From JDO: The Legolas figure at Barnes & Noble book stores is from the 3 inch scale Lord Of The Rings: Armies Of Middle Earth: Helm's Deep playset (manufactured by Play Along). It has just been repackaged in a little box for individual sale, in fact you needn't purchase a book to get it, I bought mine without getting a book. The figures can be found at either the checkout area or where they have the LOTR books on display.

LOTR Merchandise at Books-A-Million
From Tricia: If you have a Books-A-Million (US) retailer near you, they have a LOTR:TTT Daily Student Planner (2003/2004) with still pictures from the movie and also a hardcover TTT Datebook with Arwen/Aragorn/Eowyn on the front. It also has still photos from the movie. They are also selling a set of 6 LOTR bookmarks with 6 different add-ons that you can tie onto the bookmark ribbons. In addition to that, they are selling different cover versions for all three parts of the LOTR books.

ROTK Footage on E!
E! News Live only showed a small clip from the ROTK trailer yesterday, nothing with Legolas. They will air the entire trailer next Monday.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Hannah Lucy (15), Justyna (14), Andrea from her friend Tracy, and Clare C. (13) from her friend Nicole.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Danielle (16).

  Thursday, September 25
ROTK Footage on E!
There will be exclusive ROTK footage on today's E! News Live (US) at 7pm EST.

Joepie Magazine Scans
Ellen sent in scans from the September 24 issue of Joepie (Belgium). (1 & 2) Here a scan of the article for those who can read Dutch (I think).

Sun Article
From Annika: There's a small article on Orlando and Ned Kelly at The Sun Online.

Mädchen Magazine Scan
Nicole sent in this scan of the poster in the September issue of the German magazine "Mädchen".

Starlog Mag and Legolas Figurines
From oddjob103: There's an article on Orlando in Starlog (US) #316 November issue. It mostly covers old material but has new-ish Legolas and Will Turner pics.
Also, while supplies last, at select B. Dalton and Barnes & Noble bookstores, if you buy the book Lord of the Rings you can get a Legolas figure for $1.99. (Only in US). If you can't find the figure at your local store, ask if they can manifest it from a store that has it in stock.

Film 2003
From Amera: On Film 2003 last night (bbc 1 with Jonathon Ross), there was a review of Ned Kelly. Jonathon Ross told the story of Ned Kelly, he then said "as if there wasn't enough eye candy for the ladies with Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom is on hand to stir female hearts which have barely stopped fluttering since TTT and POTC." In the review part, he said that "Ned Kelly is solidly entertaining but somehow lacks that spark which would turn it into a genuinely notable experience. Heath Ledger is impressive in the title role, Naomi Watts is characteristically amazing and Orlando and Geoffrey Rush carry off their supporting roles convincingly and all-in-all it's an adequate retelling of a familiar tale. However it just didn't grab me even though the story was dramatic and even though the romantic and action stories were perfectly well staged, I wasn't bothered about Ned Kelly, his gang or the amount of Irish immigrants getting into Australia. I suspect the reason for that is the film is one-paced and has a lack of flare, and as a consequence, star quality and movie level production values apart, the film has a feel of a classic tv series than an epic tale." There were some new, good shots of Orlando too... and his irish accent is really good!
The show should air again on Sept. 27 at 13:45 on BBC 2.

Word Search
Jennifer sent in this Orlando word search.

ROTK Trailer News
Yahoo News has an article about the first theatrical trailer for The Return of the King debuting this weekend before Second Hand Lion. The two-minute, 30-second trailer will then debut online and at lordoftherings.net on Monday. It will come out later on television.

Mizz Magazine
Lydia: In the 24th Sept. issue of Mizz (UK) there is a interview with Orlando and a small (but good) picture.

The second issue of the OOOB E-Zine is now online.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jamie.

  Wednesday, September 24
Zumanity Premiere Photos Update
Here are the larger versions of the Zumanity premiere photos from Getty Images. (1, 2, 3, 4)
Rex Features also has a photo. If anyone can get the larger version, please send it in!

Orlando Adopted a Dog
According to the Gringo Gazette, Orlando has "taken a really sweet dog" from the Cabo San Lucas Humane Society. Many of the other cast and crew of Troy have also adopted pets.

Roadshow and Screen Scans
Miwa of Orlando J-web sent in scans from the November issues of Roadshow (Japan) and Screen (Japan). I removed the text from some of the images.

Ned Kelly Review and Photo
Ananova.com has posted a Ned Kelly review along with a new photo.

'POTC 2' Last Ride-based Movie
From Dark Horizons: 'Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Disney head honcho Michael Eisner confirmed to The New York Times that the sequel will be "the last ride-based movie he plans to make".'

POTC Box Office Numbers
From Rebecca: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is now #20 on imdb.com's Top Grossing Movies of All Time chart with $562,900,000.

Daily Star Article
From kt4orli4eva: In the "Daily Star" newspaper (UK) yesterday (23/09/03) there was a small article about Orli's hair and how they like it longer.

New Legolas Posters and Figures
Posternow.com has 3 new Legolas posters: (1, 2, 3) Also, you can buy a 6" Legolas ROTK Figure and Horse from etoys.com and kbtoys.com, and a 12" Legolas ROTK Roto Molded Figure from etoys.com and kbtoys.com.

Radio 1 Entertainment News
From Amy: Orlando was just on Radio 1 Entertainment News. The reporter said a bit about Ned Kelly (which is released in the UK this Friday) being his third film of the year, then it had a clip of him talking about how he thinks that being so popular and having a big fanbase is surreal. You can probably listen to Entertainment News again on Radio 1's website.

LOTR on Gilmore Girls
From Sara: According to gilmoregirls.org, there will be an episode of Gilmore Girls (airing October 7th titled "The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles") in which two of the main characters, Lorelai and Sookie, host a Lord of the Rings party. Spoilers:
"Lorelai and Sookie cater a "Lord of the Rings" themed party. Lorelai is at the house where the party is taking place. Costumes, cardboard cutouts, and balloons are all around. Lorelai is sitting next to a boy dressed like Frodo, trying to convince him to give her the ring. He refuses, even after she does an impersonation of Gollum. Helen, the mom of the boy whose birthday it is, arrives with two kids who have just shown up. Lorelai helps them with their costumes. The kids start to fight about Lorelai’s name (she told some of them that she’s Julie, their “cruise director”), and Lorelai tells them to go play lovingly, because “Lord of the Rings” is all about love. “Nuh uh, it’s about the destruction of all mankind,” says the birthday boy."

From Amelia: There is a picture of Orlando and a short article in the October/November issue of M-mag (US) in star scrapbook. It says "Orlando Bloom is a busy guy! He's currently shooting Troy with Brad Pitt, and this Christmas, he returns as Legolas in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Whew! No wonder he needed to take a break and 'unwind' with his yo-yo on the set of yet another flick, The Calcium Kid."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Liz from her friend Lauren, Adwena (17), and Pam (17).

  Tuesday, September 23
More Photos from Zumanity Premiere
These photos of Orlando at the Zumanity Premiere from FilmMagic were posted by Guitarchick at ka-Bloom. (1, 2, 3, 4) The captions for the last two read: "Orlando Bloom, cousin (right), and friend" and "Orlando Bloom and cousin".
Here's another thumbnail from Getty Images. If anyone has an account there and can get the larger versions, please email me!

ROTK Stamps
The New Zealand post office revealed the Return of the King stamp sets. Legolas is on the 40c stamp, the cheapest one, which means it's cheaper to buy!

Hitkrant Scans
Nathalie sent in more scans from the September 17 issue of Hitkrant (The Netherlands). (1, 2, 3)

Star Club Interview
Eva sent in a translation of the Orlando interview from the October issue of Star Club (France).

ROTK Posters at Woolworths
From Jade: At Woolworths (UK) they are selling exclusive ROTK posters, Legolas and Gimli, Aragorn, and Aragron, Legolas, and Frodo. They are £3.99 each.

Keira Going Back to Sea
From Ana and The Sunday Mail: STUNNING Scots star Keira Knightley, left, is to set sail in the sequel to Pirates Of The Caribbean. Costar Johnny Depp is also lined up and Orlando Bloom is expected to sign on again. The movie has already made £300million and producer Jerry Bruckheimer said filming of the follow-up begins next year.

Cool Magazine Scans
Andrea sent in scans of a POTC article from Cool magazine (Romania). The article doesn't have anything new. (1 & 2)

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Katie (17) and to Costina (18).

  Monday, September 22
Orlando at Zumanity Premiere
Orlando attended Cirque du Soleil's international gala premiere of Zumanity, this past Saturday at New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Here is the PR news story, and here are photos of Orlando (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Bravo Spain Scan
Silvia sent in this scan from the September 15 issue of Bravo Spain.

Kiss Article
Carey sent in the Ned Kelly article from the October issue of Kiss (Ireland).

SFX Article
Tanya sent in scans of the Return of the King article from the October issue of SFX (UK).
Minna says that on p. 127 there is a TTT competition where you can win a TTT goody bag or a copy (there's 10) of the dvd. All you have to do is answer this question by text message: "Hobbit actor Sean Astin has also directed an episode of which TV series a) Firefly (TXT SFXFIRE) b) Buffy (TXT SFXBUFFY) c) Angel (TXT SFXANGEL) Send your text to # 83080 by 2nd of October (Open only to UK residents)

Legolas in Car Commercial
From Laura: I was watching Comedy Central (US) Sunday afternoon. There was a car advertisement - I am not sure what brand - where a young boy and his preteen sister were watching The Two Towers in the back of the minivan. The girl paused the movie when Legolas was on the screen and she was daydreaming about him. There were some cute shots! Comedy Central tends to repeat ads a lot, so if you watch it for a while, you might see it!

Orlando Too Busy for Blue Video
Nathalie says that there is an article on Blue in Hitkrant (The Netherlands) and Lee stated that Orlando was too busy to appear in their video for Guilty.

Total Film
Minna sent in this info about the October issue of Total Film (Uk) with Tom Cruise on cover.
page 16 - short article about the LOTR exhibition in the Science Museum in London (one pic of armours)
page 32 - Box office charts with small POTC pic of Johnny
page 33 - 'Reader screening' (this was already on last Tuesday though) with 4 Ned Kelly pics
- starting from page 50 Ultimate Blockbuster Preview, p. 66-67 ROTK some nice pics (one with Leggy), short interview with Dominic Monaghan and a preview of the film which included this bit: Says fan-favourite Orlando 'Legolas' Bloom: "Peter loved the audiences' reaction in the first movie to Leggy running over the back of the cave troll and killing it, and then in the second movie sliding down the stairs and jumping off the horse (he probably meant ON the horse). In the third movie, he's kind of combined a whole load of stuff. So there'll be another of those Leggy moments..."

'Pirates' Still Unsinkable
From Variety: The skull-and-crossbones flew atop the overseas Box Office for the sixth consecutive weekend as "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" amassed an estimated $19 million in 43 markets, hoisting cume to $270 million. That's the first blockbuster to notch six in a row since "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" in January. "Pirates" now ranks as producer Jerry Bruckheimer's biggest hit globally and Disney's most lucrative live-action pic as its worldwide booty topped $562 million. Johnny Depp starrer was No. 1 in Germany, nabbing $3.4 million in its third voyage and $26.2 million to date, and in Australia, taking $2.3 million in its soph session (off 33%) to amass $7.2 million. Other standouts include the U.K.'s $39.2 million, Spain's $21.4 million and Italy's $15.6 million after its third lap.

Yahoo Poll
Orlando is one of the choices in a Yahoo! Movies poll asking "Which of these actors (and characters) would you most like to see star in the Green Lantern movie?"

Girlfriend Magazine
From Por: Girlfriend Magazine (Australia) said "If Hollywood is a high school, Orli'll be the gorgeous foreign exchange student". (There's a small old pic.)

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Rossana (16), Alison (17), and to Sabine (17) from her best friend Henrike.
Happy Belated Birthday to Cassidy.

  Sunday, September 21
New Troy Photo
Sezza sent in a scan of the absolutely divine Paris and Hector photo from the Sunday Telegraph (Australia). Here is the same photo in color from the Herald Sun, scanned by Kasey. It's one of the first official photos to be released. You can read the article on the Telegraph's website, and a similar, but more indepth article on the Herald Sun's website. They state that the film wraps next week in Mexico.

Remains of the Piano
From Jenn: According to the 09/19/2003 issue of Variety magazine, Orlando is listed as part of the cast of "Remains of the Piano", which is currently in production in British Columbia. While he has denied involvement before, Variety is a very reliable source in the industry. Stay tuned!

PSM Magazine Scans
Sheryl sent in scans from the November issue of the Play Station 2 gaming magazine PSM (US) which has a behind the scenes look at the ROTK game. (1, 2, 3)

Mention in Israeli TV Guide
From Naomi: Orlando was mentioned in the weekly TV guide called "Hashavu'a" that comes free with "Ma'ariv" newspaper (Isreal), for the past two weeks:
Sep 12th: When asked What is the oldest clothing item in your clothing closet? Orlando answered: "The pair of jeans I wore for the LOTR premiere. I have them for years, they're falling apart, but I believe they bring me luck."
Sep 19th: When asked about Silly pick-up lines, Orlando answered: "I used to wet the tip of my finger with water or spit, touch the girl's shirt and say: 'You should take that wet shirt off before you get cold.'"

Teenpeople.com Poll
From Amanda: On teenpeople.com there is a poll asking which celebrity should run for student council, and Orlando is one of the choices.

Nickelodeon Magazine
From Sarabi: The latest issue of Nickelodeon Magazine has a mention of Orlando Bloom on their The Celeb Page. He was asked "What gives you the creeps?" and his reply was "Sharks. I surf, but it makes me nervous knowing the sharks are there." There's also a nice pic of him accompanying the reply.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Terri (14).

  Saturday, September 20
Star Club Scans
Elodie sent in these scans from the October issue of "Star Club" (France). (1, 2, 3, 4)

New Photos
Sarah from Heart and Soul sent me some samples of never before seen Orlando photos. Some of them will soon be for sale for charity (NSPCC, which is the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). I'll keep you posted.

Handbag.com Men of the Year
From Sabrina: Orlando is number four on handbag.com's top 20 men of the year! "4. The tall, dark and handsome Orlando Bloom has hit the big-time. After starting off small with minor parts in Casualty and Midsomer Murders, you can now see him starring alongside the yummy Johnny Depp (coming up in a bit!) in Pirates Of The Caribbean."
You can also vote for Orlando as your man of the year.

Teen Vogue Scan
Fallen Angel sent in this scan from the Oct./November issue of Teen Vogue (US).

4U Magazine Scans
Auroora sent in scans from this month's 4U magazine (Norway). (1 & 2)

LOTR Inside the Actors Studio Cancelled
From TORN: Xoanon here, my source sends along the sad news regarding the LOTR cast appearing on the PBS show 'Inside the Actors Studio'. The Lord of the Rings Inside the Actor's Studio taping is off and is not likely to happen soon. My source is a producer for Bravo TV. He stated to me that the studio tried to make it happen, however getting everyone's schedule together was daunting. Just did not work out.

In Touch Weekly
From Amanda Lynn: I was flipping through the September 29th issue of In Touch Weekly (US) and it had a quote and picture of Orli. The quote was "If I get the chance to kiss someone in a movie, they don't need to pay me at all." [Orlando has stated that he never said this.]

MeNaiset Magazine Scan
Auroora sent in this scan from the August issue of MeNaiset (Finland).

Twist Magazine
From Angelina: There are two pictures of Orlando in the new October/November issue of Twist Magazine (US/Canada), the first one is under a heading "Who Are The Most Romantic Stars?" There is a small paragraph accompanying a pic of Orli from the U.K. PotC premiere reading "If you're going to give love a chance, sometimes you have to make an extra effort. Just ask Orlando Bloom. 'I flew all the way around the world once to be with the girl that I dated at that time,' he says. 'And when I was in love with an Irish girl, I sent her plane tickets and asked her to visit me in London. She did.' Of course she did!" They gave it a "Romance Rating" number nine. The other picture is quite small and is in the Horoscopes section.

Bliss Poster Swap and Poll
From Hollie: If people get Bliss magazine (UK) and get a Justin poster then you can send it in to be swapped for an Orlando one. More info.
You can also vote for Orlando on the Bliss Celeb-O-Meter.

Poster in Barbie Magazine
From Clair: There's an A4 "mega" poster of Orlando and Johnny Depp in the October Barbie magazine (Australia). There's also an A5 sized article about POTC.

KISS and Cosmo Girl Magazine
From Carey: Orlando is in the October issue of KISS magazine (Ireland), there is no info just an old picture. And there is only a review on Ned Kelly in Cosmo Girl (UK) and it gives it a star meaning- must see!. In the next issue of Cosmo Girl (UK) they are going to have the results to the 101 summer hotties, Orlando SHOULD be mentioned in there somewhere.

Hitkrant and Break Out Articles
Lenny from Bloomania sent in scans and translations from the Dutch magazines Hitkrant (nr. 38) and Break Out! (nr. 38).

Talk Like a Pirate Day
From Nilturiel: Friday September 19th was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and the news in St. Louis MO, did a little article on how Pirates of the Caribbean greatly influenced its popularity this year.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jessica (16).
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Angelica (15) from her best friend Madeline.

  Friday, September 19
Video Clip from E!'s Rank
Sorry, no updates today except for a video clip from E!'s Rank: Sexiest Men of 2003, where Orlando came in 19th. You can catch it again tomorrow at 2pm & 7pm on E! (US).
RealVideo format- 1.5 Mb zipped
Windows Media format- 970 Kb zipped
  Thursday, September 18
Yam and Bravo Scans
Conny sent in scans and the interview from the September 17 issue of Yam (Bravo). She also sent in a scan of the POTC article from the Sept. 17 issue of Bravo (Germany). Marny has posted this translation on ka-Bloom. The mag also had a poster of Will Turner, and in next week's, there will be a mega poster with him, Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley.

Sneak Scan
Penny has scanned the Orlando poster from the September 16 issue of Sneak (UK). Originally posted at OBM.net.

Lush Lad of the Week
Orlando is up for Lush Lad of the Week at mykindaplace.com, along with Elijah, Dom, and Sean A.

E!'s Rank
Orlando was #19 on E!'s Rank: Sexiest Men. From Imlachiel: Hilary Duff said "He's just all together!" I'll try to post a video clip soon.

POTC Box Office Numbers
From boxofficemojo.com: "Once again swashbuckling pirates controlled the international box office. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl's $29.7m total from last weekend on 5,139 screens in 43 markets, sent its total to $238.5m and kept it No. 1 in international box office receipts for the fifth straight week." Thanks to Sandra for the info.
From Emily: The World All Time Box Office Chart was updated September 16th. Pirates of the Caribbean is #25 on the list with $526,300,000.

Cosmo Scans
Jenz sent in the following scans from the October issue of Cosmopolitan (US). (1, 2, 3)

Orlando on Worst Signers List
Even though I already posted about this a few days ago, I received so many emails about this article that I am posting it again! Orlando was named one of the worst signers in Autograph Collector (collector not fan!) magazine's 12th annual poll of celebrity autograph givers. From MSN: "The annual survey was released in conjunction with the first Autograph Collector Exposition and a celebrity memorabilia auction to be held this weekend at the Beverly Garland Hotel in North Hollywood, Calif."

ROTK Trailer
From Katie: Access Hollywood had posted that there is going to be a ROTK trailer this Friday attached to Second Hand Lions (which is produced by New Line).

Singapore Magazines
From Jolyn: 8days magazine and LIME magazine, both from Singapore, have Orli on the cover. 8days has interviews with him, Johnny and Keira, but they focused on him. LIME listed him as a nominee for the most popular artist. He was also the main focus though.

OB Birthday Project Auctions
Here are the latest Ebay Auctions for the OB Birthday Project to benefit Greenpeace.
Auction 1: Set #2 of Orlando and Legolas magnets.
Auction 2: The Orlando Bloom Scrapbook.
Auction 3: A Legolas filmcel from The Two Towers.
Auction 4: A full set of 90 Topps cards.
Auction 5: "Greenleaf" jewelry plus a Legolas birthday card!

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Belated Birthday to Steph (15) from Adelaide.

  Wednesday, September 17
Sneak Magazine
From Katie: There is a poster of Orlando in Sneak (Uk) this week (16th-22nd of Sept) There is also a quiz on "Who is your Hollywood Snog?" And if you end up with Orlando it says: "Wow - how heroic do you like your men?! Orlando's the perfect mix of gentlemanly charm and drop-dead gorgeous good looks! He'll sweep you off your feet and make sure that when he snogs you, it's as romantic as can be. Not bad for a pesky pirate!!" He is also number 1 in the top 10 text totty! Johnny Depp is second.

Top Girl Magazine
Alcare sent in scans from the Italian magazine 'Top Girl', issue n.69 - October 2003, that has Orlando on the cover. (1 & 2) There is also an interview, but she says there is nothing new in it. If you know Italian, you can read it on her website.

UK TV Alerts
Penny posted the following UK TV alerts:
September 23- Film 2003 (Ned Kelly) 23:35, on BBC 1
September 26- Making the Movie: POTC 9:30am, on MTV UK
September 27- Film 2003 (Ned Kelly) 13:45, on BBC 2
September 26- Making the Movie: POTC 9:30am, on MTV UK

Long Sleeved Legolas Tee at Hottopic.com
Karine reports that hottopic.com now has a long sleeved version of one of their Legolas T-shirts.

Czech Republic TV Alerts
From Icie: I watched 'On The Set' on Czech HBO yesterday and this morning and there were documents about PotC/Johnny English/Legally Blonde 2. PotC is the first one. They're going to re-run it three more times: tomorrow - 17th September at 11.35 a.m., Thursday 18th September at 9.30 p.m. and Saturday 20th September at 5.10 a.m.
In Saturday's (13th September) Slovak newspaper, Novy Cas, there was a mag inside and there was an article about PotC and a photo of Will and Jack.

Emma Bunton Fancies Orlando
From Sarah: In this month's B magazine (UK) with Emma Bunton on the cover, she is quoted in an interview as saying: "Orlando Bloom is pretty hot, I probably like him because of all the leather in Pirates of the Caribbean, I also saw a shot of him with a shaved head and I kinda like that look too! "

Fan Report From LOTR Exhibition
From Faye: Today I went to the LOTR exhibition at the science museum and just to say it is definately worth every penny!
It is well organized into sections relating to each character with information, video clips and costumes for many. Make sure you watch all the videos particularly Andy Serkis ones because its very interesting to see how Gollum developed and watch Andy in character.
As well as character information there are also many pieces of original artwork for the film, a scale model of the shire mill and an interactive section where you can play with scaling and make yourself hobbit size.
The WETA team explain how they created the battle at Helms Deep and how come computer generated Orcs had a mind of their own and ran from battle. Also they explain the development of the cave troll for FOTR.
The prosthetics team show how they created the prosthetics for one of the Orcs and the time scale. There are many examples in the exhibition of prosthetics including Orc faces and hobbit.
I was even lucky enough to see the actor who played the character Lurtz (sadly he's not part of the exhibition).
I spent 1hour 30 in there but it could easily have been much longer. This is definitely something not to be missed!

Free Ned Kelly Posters at Odeon Cinemas
From Lisa: They are giving out a free poster for Ned Kelly at the Odeon Cinemas in the UK. It's A3 sized.

POTC Graphics for Sony Ericsson Phones
From Melissa: I just got a new mobile, it's a Sony Ericsson, and I went to download new graphics for the background through the internet connection on the phone, and listed under Disney on one of the graphic options, there are four Pirates of the Caribbean backgrounds, one of Isla de la Muerta, one of the skeletal pirates, one of just a random beach with the logo, and then the official Pirates Skull Logo. The pictures are pretty clear, on my phone anyway!

LOTR Merchandise at The Cinema Store
From Liza: The Cinema Store in Upper St Martins Lane, London (right by Leicester Square) has lots of Rings merchandise, including Legolas standees, action figures, sour gums, binders, and bobble-head. They also sell autographed photos, but they're expensive, and who knows if they're authentic.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Leilani (23), and to Rochaelle from her best friend Dez. Happy Belated Birthday to Katie, and to Henry (16) from his friend Emily.

  Tuesday, September 16
More Magazine Scans
Elements of ka-Bloom posted scans from the Sept. 9th issue of More that comes free with Heat magazine (UK).

Ned Kelly Video Clip #2
I uploaded the 2nd Ned Kelly video clip. Once again, thanks to Kristina for hosting the clips.

FHM Scan
Sharlyn sent in another photo from the Autumn/Winter issue of FHM Collections (UK).

From Jasmin: In the newest issue of Cosmopolitan (October 2003 US), Orlando is mentioned in two occasions. He is featured in the article: "Celeb body language: We reveal who's faking their love". There's a pic of Kate and Orlando holding hands in Disneyland. The short story says: (page 73)
"Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom Love barometer: HOT
Orlando and Kate may be the latest couple to hook up in Hollywood, but they seem to be the one most stable. How do we know? Orlando touches Kate's neck tenderly (a sure sign of love), and he caresses her skin with his fingertips. She holds her hand out to receive his affection; he grasps her hand in return. The most important thing to note is that he touches her hand with his thumb as well as the rest of his fingers, which you don't need to do when holding hands this way. This further proves that he can't get enough of her."
And then In the Informer party pix -section (page 92), there's a picture of Orlando with some girl (I think this was taken from the POTC premiere in Disneyland.). The caption says: Orlando Bloom hangs with a pirate, but his real matey is Kate Bosworth.

Orlando Not in Blue's Video
From Rosemarie: I have just watched the new Blue video 'Guilty' for the third time and have failed to spot Orlando anywhere so I can only assume he never agreed to take part.

Poster in CosmoGirl (UK)
From Holly: In CosmoGirl magazine (UK) there is a foldout poster (the size of three A5 pages) of Orlando. I think it's quite old as he has shortish hair.

NW Weekly Scans
Leanne sent in scans from the September 15th issue of NW Weekly (Australia).

POTC Assistant has Passed Away
From Christianne: News from Variety:
Sept. 11: "Alec B. Kamp, personal assistant to producers, directors, actors and others, was found dead Aug. 29 at his L.A. home. Authorities suspect he had been dead for eight days. Cause is unknown. He was 37.
Charleston, Ill., native was in the film industry for 15 years in Chicago and L.A. He worked with Warner Bros., U, Par, USA Networks and, most recently, the Disney Studios as an aide to Orlando Bloom on "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl." He is survived by his father, two brothers, two sisters, a grandmother, aunt, nieces and others."

Hollywood.com Poll
From DG: Orlando is part of a poll Hollywood.com has running- 'Which celebrity would you like to date?'

LOTR Merchandise at Woolworths
From Sarah: In Woolworths (UK stores) you can get 2 types of Lord of the Rings Return of the King pencil cases with stationary. One of the packs is priced £4.99. You can also get helms deep battle figurines for £24.99 or £29.99

LOTR Exhibition Photos and Contest
From Bloomzy: CBBC are currently holding a contest to win family passes to the Lord Of The Rings exhibition at The Science Museum London. If you win you will be able to get close to some of the costumes, weapons and set's used in the Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy.
TORN has posted photos from the exhibit.

Craig Parker Birthday Project Deadline
From Anelith & Mithras: The deadline for the Birthday Project is coming up fast! Send in all your submissions as soon as possible, we would like it if you sent in your snail mail messages one week before the deadline, as for email message they can be sent in anytime as long as they are all in by the due date. We are considering extending the deadline by one week because there haven't been many submissions. When we have decided we will post it on the website ASAP.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Stephanie Brown, Kathi, and Chandra (18).

  Monday, September 15
Movie Idols Scan
Elf Lady sent in this scan of the foldout Orlando poster from the September issue of Movie Idols (US).

Legolas Standees and Photos
From Dee: Some people might already know that at FYE stores in the US, are selling Legolas standees for $24.99. Coconuts (US) is also selling them for about the same price. There are a few pictures of Orli as Legolas in the Coconuts flyers advertising TTT DVD/VHS release.

New Photos
There are a bunch of proof sheets from a photo shoot of Orlando by Sheryl Nields posted at ka-Bloom.

CBBC Poll Results
From Beth: On CBBC they posted the results of this past week on their polls and this is what they said about Orlando: "Orlando got half of the 5,000 votes cast for your fave celeb - so he's definitely your top star."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Heather (15) from her friends, to Stephanie Barr from Juliet Harris, to Steph (18) from Chandra, and to Lila (12) from her big sister Cimma.
Happy Belated Birthday to Ally (15).

  Sunday, September 14
FHM Article Scans
Elements posted these scans on ka-Bloom, of an Orlando article from the Autumn/Winter issue of FHM Collect
ions (UK).

Bop Scans
Kira posted scans from the October issue of Bop (US) on ka-Bloom. (1 & 2)

New Photos
Here are some photos I found on ebay. POTC: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Studio: (1, 2) Candid: (1, 2, 3)

Preorder POTC DVD in UK
From Helen: Amazon.co.uk are reporting that the UK Pirates of the Caribbean release date for the DVD and Video is December 5th 2003. Follow the links to preorder.

LOTR Quiz on YM
From Amanda and Becky: There is a Lord of the Rings trivia quiz on YM.com.

Troy Renamed ?
From Rine: According to Imdb.com, Orlando's movie "Troy" has been renamed to "The Trojan War".

SFX Magazine
Bella: The September issue of SFX magazine (UK magazine) has an article on POTC including a small interview with Orlando Bloom and pictures (no new pictures).

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Micaela (14), Danielle (17), Pippi (16), Freaky LOTR Fan (14) from Sarah, and Michelle Barker from Rachel.

  Saturday, September 13
Ned Kelly Video Clip
I've made a video clip from Ned Kelly, in both Real Player AND Windows Media format (for all those who asked!). The clips are being hosted by the wonderful Kristina. More clips will be coming later.

Filles d'Aujourd'hui Scan
Karine sent in this scan from the October issue of Filles d'Aujourd'hui (Quebec, Canada). It says that Duncan James, singer of Blue, asked Orli if he would appear in their next video, for Guilty.

Possible TRL UK Appearance
From Tanya: Blue is gonna be on a MTV show I think it's TRL (UK), it's a behind the scene of their new video 'Guilty'. Duncan from Blue said he asked Orlando to be part of it so there is a chance that he may be in the show. TRL is on 4:30pm-5:30pm week days!

POTC DVD Menu Screenshots
From J.: Menu screenshots from the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD are on this site.

Orlando to Make Another Midsomer Murders
From Alex: This week's Mizz magazine has the following article:
"He may be a huge Hollywood star now but Orlando Bloom hasn't forgotten his roots. He's about to start recording a new series of Midsomer Murders which will be on telly next Spring. He reckons it's his favourite TV job so far. When the show's bosses approached him he was more than happy to help."
They have a photo mockup of OB as an old man! (EDIT: there is a scan posted on ka-Bloom.
As I work in Media I rang ITV who make Midsomer Murders and they confirmed that OB is filming his episode in October to be transmitted in Spring 2005. Heath Ledger has stated that he is returning to "Home + Away" (AUS tv soap) so there you go!

Mural.com Article
Linda has translated an Orlando article from Mural.com.

Old Man Johnson
From Jessica: Orlando had to decline to film a movie this fall in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada because he was too busy with "Troy". It was in a local Winnipeg newspaper, September 12's issue. Here is the article:
"Get ready to cry in your chain mail, Legolas fans. Orlando Bloom, who stars as the studly elf in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, was pegged to star in a thriller tentatively earmarked to be shot in Winnipeg this fall. Titled Old Man Johnson, the Pariah Films production would have also starred Robert Duvall whose participation is as yet to be confirmed. Alas, it looks like Bloom was unable to commit, according to industry insiders, because he's stuck shooting the historical epic Troy In Europe. As for Duvall, his participation in any film to be shot north of the border is liable to be tense, since the veteran actor criticized Canadian actors after h
is experience shooting the Kevin Costner western Open Range in southern Alberta. The film itself is not completely confirmed for a Winnipeg shoot yet, but a decision should be made by next week."

More on West Memphis Three
From Cherie: ...thought that you should hear about the following message that one of our members received from the producer/writer of the film. This was from about a month ago.
"Thanks very much for your interest and show of support for Orlando. He will not be in the film 'West Memphis Three' as it would conflict with his 'Troy' schedule.
Thank you for making me aware of him as a very good actor also.
Curt Johnson
Producer/Writer, 'West Memphis Three'

R4 Magazine Article
TORN has posted a scan of an Orlando article from the September issue of Aussie DVD magazine 'Region4'.

Orlando Calendar in London
From Liza: The Orli calendar is available at Borders on Charing Cross Road (London).

Movie Star Scans
I meant to post these a week ago, so most of you have probably already seen them on other sites. Miwa of Orlando J-web sent in scans from the October issue of Movie Star (Japan). (1, 2, 3, 4)

POTC Box Office Numbers
From Becky: Pirates of the Caribbean is now number 31 on imdb.com's Top Grossing Movies of All Time with $481,800,000!

AOL Buddy Icons
From Bridget: At originalicons.com there are seven new icons of Orlando.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Judith (14) from Sarah.
Happy Belated Birthday to Stephanie from Abby.

  Friday, September 12
Bravo Scans
Conny has sent in scans and a translation from this week's Bravo (Germany).

Joy Scans
Conny has sent in scans from the September issue of Joy (Germany). (1 & 2)

POTC Sequel Update
From Dark Horizons: Latino Review spoke with uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer about his upcoming stuff, the big revelation that a sequel to "Pirates of the Caribbean" is already in the works - "Yes, we have Johnny Depp already lined up. We just made a deal with the writer who did the re-write of the first Pirates. Let’s hope we can do better than Bad Boys 2. It took me eight years to get that to the screen. We’ll make this much quicker".

Here is the DVD cover for POTC, which is out in the US on December 2.

West Memphis Three
From gomemphis.com: "West Memphis Three takes the view that three teenagers convicted in 1993 of the murders of three 8-year-old boys were unfairly prosecuted. The film is in preproduction and cast members so far include Michael Madsen, Michael Pitt, Ricki Lake, Jason Lee, Donal Logue and maybe Orlando Bloom."

TTT on Pay Per View
From Samantha: The Two Towers is coming to In Demand Pay Per View in the US on September 26th.

Mykindaplace.com Poll
From Steph: Orlando is up for "Homegrown Hotty" on mykindaplace.com. If he wins his category, he will have a wallpaper for him. He's up against Robbie Williams, and some other Brits.

POTC Review
From Anne: There's a really good review of POTC in the West Australian Newspaper, by a reviewer who is renowned for his toughness!

Czech and Slovakia POTC Info
From Icie: in this week's Czech Bravo (no. 20) there is a Film Story PotC. Also this Saturday at 12.00 on Slovak Fun Radio there're going to talk about PotC.

Danish TV Alerts
From Pia: Danish tv show, Troldspejlet, on DR1, will have some clips from POTC next week. There will also be a behind the camera on TV2 ZULU. Frid’s Film will review POTC too. Check the TV Guide for dates and times.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Katie Whitehouse (15) from Emily, to Pei Ming (15) from Lolin and Heather.
Happy Belated Birthday to Alyssa (16), and to Sara (15) from Sarah S., Sam, Sarah G., Rach Q. and Rach W.

  Thursday, September 11
Orlando Wins Hollywood Film Festival Award
Posted by Stacie, from the Hollywood Reporter: "Ron Howard, Anthony Hopkins, Goldie Hawn, Orlando Bloom and Scarlett Johansson have joined the list of honorees for this year's Hollywood Film Festival awards gala. Hopkins and Hawn are slated to receive nods for outstanding acting, while Bloom and Johansson will receive breakthrough awards. The awards will be presented during an awards gala Oct. 20 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. The Hollywood Film Festival, run by founder and executive director Carlos de Abreu, runs Oct. 15-20.

Daily Telegraph Article
From Sydney: Today's Daily Telegraph (Australia) has an article on Orlando.

Premiere Magazine Scan
Sheri sent in this scan from the October issue of Premiere Magazine (US). Orlando is in its list of "The 50 Most Stylish People, Places, and Things in Hollywood".

Orlando Named Worst Signer
From Karissa: Orlando was named the 4th worst autograph signer by Autograph Collector magazine (US). "Wherever he is, Orlando goes out of his way to avoid collectors like the plague." But as we all know, Orlando is more than generous when his FANS want an autograph!

Legolas Merchandise in UK
Legoluce from The OB Files message board posted that The Warner Brother's merchandise store in the UK (in Uxbridge) has a Legolas binder, pencil cases, notebooks, pencils, pens, etc and a Legolas mug.

LOTR Trilogy in Australian Theaters
From Clare: Just thought your Aussie readers would like to know that Greater Union is showing the special extended editions of Fellowship of the Ring (11-17th Dec 2003) and Two Towers (18-24th Dec 2003) as a lead up to The Return of the King!! Extended and on the big screen!

Teenhollywood.com Article
From Sydney: Teenhollywood.com has an article on how Orli wants more than acting in his life. Seems to be the same info from the GQ article.

Australian ROTK Premiere Competition
From Teniel: There is a competition for members of the Commonwealth Bank (Australia) to win a trip to the New Zealand premiere of Return of the King. Unfortunately it's only open to Australian's. Go to this website for more details.

POTC Review from Star-Times
Marian sent in a scan of a POTC review from the Sept. 7th issue of the Sunday Star-Times newspaper (New Zealand). The banner headline reads: "SHIPSHAPE, The journey from fairground ride to blockbuster movie is surprisingly smooth for POTC says Aaron Yap".

Orlando Music Video
Sonia has made an Orlando music video tribute. You can download it off her site.

Extra POTC Scene After Credits
Although I posted about this when POTC was released in the US, this is just a reminder that there is a short extra scene at the very end of the credits for POTC.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Erin (13) from her friend Tia.

  Wednesday, September 10
J-17 Interview
Claddagh posted the interview from the October issue of J-17 (UK) at ka-Bloom.

Deed Poll and Lullaby of Clubland
Andre Schneider has confessed on his Yahoo Group that he does not know Orlando, and that he made up the movie "Lullaby of Clubland" (along with the accompanying websites). Obviously, "Deed Poll" also never existed, since you can't work on a movie with someone you've never met. These two movies have been a large source of speculation for almost 2 years, and have been printed as fact in magazine and web articles. Although it is good to finally know the truth, it makes me sick that someone would do something like this just to gain attention, while in the process spreading false information about Orlando and alienating some of his fans. I guess the only thing to learn from this is to trust Orlando, with his film choices and with what comes out of his own mouth.

Unreel Magazine Scans
Tanya sent in scans of the short Ned Kelly and Troy articles from Unreel magazine (UK).

Tentaciones Article
Linda has translated the article from Tentaciones (Spain). It has some new quotes.

Sneak Magazine
From Llio: Orlando is still top of top ten text totty in Sneak (UK) and it has a small picture. It also says that there'll be a poster with next week's issue, out next Tuesday.

More and Heat Magazines
There's an interview in More magazine (UK) that comes free with this week's Heat (UK) that has two pictures I havent seen before.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Tianne (26) from Krystyna, Jasmin and Sarah, to Meg C.

  Tuesday, September 9
Ned Kelly Screencaps
I've added a bunch of great screencaps from the Australian Ned Kelly DVD, thanks to Aníran in Bloom.

Elle UK Scan
The October issue of Elle magazine (UK) has the photo of Orlando that Helena Christensen took. Elements has posted a scan on ka-Bloom.

Orlando in J-17
From Kate: There's an advert in the latest issue of Bliss (UK) magazine for J17 (which comes out on 12th September) which says, "Orlando & Josh - the hottest pics, the juiciest read".

Legolas Binder Cover
Sharlyn sent in a scan of a Legolas binder that she bought.

Orlando on TRL
Johanna says that she heard from the people at applausestore.com (who give the tickets to TRL away) that Orlando would be on TRL in the UK sometime this year, but they didn't say when.

Orlando's Name in Chinese and Japanese
Jolly sent in Orlando's name in Chinese, and here it is in Japanese.

Hollywood Reporter Article
Posted by Stacie, from an article on hollywoodreporter.com titled 'Stars who made summer boxoffice sizzle':
Bloom, on the other hand, has emerged from the success of "Pirates" in full bloom. Not particularly well known before the film struck boxoffice treasure, Bloom has since become the new hunk star whose magazine pin-up photos teen girls are now taping to their bedroom walls. Bloom should springboard from his new stardom in "Pirates" to greater heights with upcoming projects like New Line's "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King," opening in mid-December; and Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow's period piece epic "Troy," directed by Wolfgang Petersen, opening in mid-May 2004.

E!'s Sexiest Men of 2003
Posted by Stacie, from E! Online:
Rank: Sexiest Men 2003, premiering Wed., Sept. 17, at 9 p.m., is filled to the brim with just the kind of men you like: hunks, heartthrobs and hotties. Do you catch our drift? Or are we being too subtle? This show is so hot, it steams up your TV screen. Hosted by the very sexy Brooke Burke, this Rank is chock-full of big names like, say, Hugh Jackman, Nelly, Ashton Kutcher, Russell Crowe and Orlando Bloom, plus, all your favorite stars talk about whom they think is sexy. You won't want to miss it!

Info About LOTR Trilogy in Theaters
The official LOTR site has posted info about The Lord of the Rings Trilogy being shown in theaters this December in North America.

AOL Welcome Screen
Rachael sent in a screencap of the AOL (UK) Entertainment welcome screen from yesterday that featured a picture of Orlando.

New Weekly
From Marian: New Weekly (New Zealand) Sept. 8th looks at the before and after (LOTR) careers of Elijah, Orlando and Viggo. Orlando's reads: Before: bits about his TV appearances and Wilde, and his audition for Faramir.
After: "Orlando has probably fared better than any of his co-stars thanks to the blockbuster flicks. He has since gone on to star in Black Hawk Down, Ned Kelly, Pirates of the Caribbean and is currently shooting the Ancient Greek epic Troy with Brad Pitt."
Also this about TTT in the Video/Dvd of the week column: "Did you know? A crew of technicians were used to record sound effects, such as screams, that could be added to the film after shooting. However, the only place in Wellington, NZ, that was quiet enough for them to record was the cemetery. At night! Locals were warned early not to be alarmed..."
New Weekly from Sept 1 had some incorrect information about how Orlando got into acting because of the women.

Sky Digital Magazine Article
Marian sent in a scan of a Black Hawk Down article from Sky Digital magazine (New Zealand). It doesn't mention Orlando, but tells some stories from behind the scenes.

Possible Aussie TV Alert
From Laura B: The Movie Show reviews the new movies that are to be released this week in cinemas (in Australia movies are released on Thursdays). AS POTC is out this Thursday 11th Sept, there is a huge chance that they will review and play clips of the movie.
Channel - SBS (on free to air tv)
When - Wednesday 10th September
Time - 8pm (1/2 hour show)

Orlando Bloom Button Wall
Patrice has just opened an Orlando Bloom button wall, which is basically an online quilt made of 50x50 image patches for people with websites.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Belated Birthday to Lauren (16) from Jenna.

  Monday, September 8
Night and Day Magazine Scans
Tanya sent in these Ned Kelly photos from yesterday's Night and Day magazine that comes free with The Mail on Sunday (UK). (1 & 2)

Glamour Scan
Karoline sent in this photo from the September issue of Glamour (Germany).

Orlando's Name in Tibetan
Padma sent in an image of Orlando's name in the Tibetan language.

German Cover Scans
Doro sent in scans of the POTC cover of Cinemaxx (Germany), which is a multiplex, and Erwin, a local newspaper.

7 Extra Interview
Aurialie has translated the Orlando interview from the August 20th issue of 7 Extra (Belgium).

Danish TV Alert
From Pia: The Danish tv-program Filmland (on tv-channels DR1 and DR2) are reviewing Pirates of the Caribbean this week:
8/9 20,00-20,30 on DR2
10/9 19,00-19,30 on DR2
14/9 ???late??? on DR1
They also have a theme about pirates movies on their website. They have promised that interviews with the actors will be on the page from September 9 (look under "Stjerne interviews").

German TV Alert
Anja says there will be a short interview on MTV: "VH-1 All Access Young Hollywood" at 19 Uhr on the 9th.

Orlando Calendar
Lorien says that Amazon.com is selling a 2004 Orlando calendar again. The publisher is different, and there is no photo, so I don't know if it is the same calendar. Carol says that you can also find some at the Amazon z-shops and Gillian says that they are available in the UK at Forbidden Planet stores for £6.99.

LOTR Article from NY Times
From OrliBMyFantasie: In the Sunday, September 7, 2003 issue of the New York Times in the Arts & Leisure section there is an article on the Lord of the Rings.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Maureen (16) from her friend Kylie, and to Candy (13) from her sister Cynthia.
Happy Belated Birthday to Ami (15) from Jenna.

  Saturday, September 6
J-14 Scans
Jen Z. sent in these scans from the October/Nov. issue of J-14 (US). (1 & 2)

CD-ROM in Saturday Herald Sun
From Emma: In this Saturday's (today) 'Saturday Herald Sun' (Melbourne, Australia), there will be a free CD-ROM of P
irates of the Caribbean. I don't know what is actually in the CD-ROM. POTC opens in Australian cinemas the eleventh of September.

Bravo Scans and Interview
Tikolino sent in scans from Bravo (Germany) and Marny has translated the interview. Please keep in mind that Bravo is not the most reliable source, and parts of the interview made be made up.

TTT DVD Images
From Elf Lady: TORn has beautiful hi-res images from the EE TTT DVD.

GQ Scans
Penny has posted scans from the October issue of GQ (UK) at OBM.net. Photos: (1, 2, 3, 4) Article: (1, 2, 3)

TTT Sweepstakes
Diana informs us that Borders.com is having a Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Sweepstakes. It's only open to US residents.

Teen People Scans
Jen Z. sent in scans from the October issue of Teen People (US). (1 & 2)

Mykindaplace.com Poll
From Stephanie-Lou: Vote for Orlando on Mykindaplace.com's poll of the day: "Who is the sexiest male of the year?"

Orlando Bloom Calendar
I've been getting a lot of emails from people asking where they can purchase the Orlando Bloom 2004 Calendar. The only places I know of are online: £4.79 ($8) at amazon.co.uk and £7.99 ($13.99) at calendarmart.com. Both ship to the US. Amazon UK has expensive shipping, so it's actually $1 cheaper to order from Calendarmart for those in the US and Canada.

Article in Dutch Newspaper Sp!ts
From Jorien: In the Dutch newspaper Sp!ts is a article about The Two Towers DVD. They talk about the movie and at the end they tell about the shooting of Helms Deep. They say that Orlando loved it and it was a 'party with the boys' to him. They also say that he went bungee jumping and snowboarding and stuff like that and that they thought that was weird because he broke his back a year before shooting LOTR. Then they mentioned that he can become a big star and has already proven that he is one in POTC.

TTT Calendars at Kmart
From Heidi B.: I saw Two Towers wall calendars ($9.99) and 365 desk calendars ($7.99) at Kmart today.

Legolas Miniatures at Barnes & Noble
From April: I just wanted to let everyone know that the book store Barnes & Noble is selling miniature Legolas Battle Scale Figures, I would say they are about 3-4 inches tall. I found mine in a large display in the store, the figures are $1.99 with a purchase of one of the LOTR books. They advertised that the figures are exclusive to Barnes & Noble. I don't know if all of the stores are participating, but I'm located in Arizona.

Photo in Showtime (Trinidad)
From Becky Greenleaf: There is an Orlando Bloom pin-up in the newspaper the Showtime (Trinidad) on page 31. Issue #672 August 22-28.

POTC Box Office Numbers
From Becky Greenleaf: Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl is now number 48 in The Top Grossing Movies of All Time at the Worldwide Box Office with $415,000,000 at imdb.com!

LOTR Weaponry
From Kelsie: You can by almost any replica of one of the knives or swords used in/or fashioned for LotR at bladesbybrown.com. Legolas' daggers are one of them.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Belated Birthday to Sue and Nicole.

  Friday, September 5
Sneak Scan
Lucy sent in this scan from this week's Sneak (UK).
From Kate: According to this week's issue of Sneak (UK), Orlando will be on the front of a cute boy mag free with the next issue of Bliss magazine, out Friday Sept 5th.

UK Articles
Posted by Stacie. From The Mirror: HOLLY Valance pulled out of presenting an award at the last minute because Orlando Bloom was unable to attend. The Aussie singer was meant to give the Pirates Of The Caribbean hunk his gong for Best Film Actor but he was busy filming with Brad Pitt. "Holly was told he wasn't going to be there and she didn't want to present an award to someone who couldn't make it," says a source. "She was offered two other categories but decided against attending the event." A true diva in the making...

From The Sun: EMMA BUNTON is doing her best to shed her goodie-two-shoes image.
First she wore a T-shirt emblazoned with "Prince William Is A Fox" – and now she's confessed to having a fetish for leather and fancying ORLANDO BLOOM. Former Baby Spice said: "It might be to do with all that leather Orlando wears in Pirates Of The Caribbean. He looks really sexy. I love that rough and ready look."

From PR Newswire: "One of the biggest live-action Theatrical blockbusters of the year, this action-packed tale is available in a 2-disc DVD set and on VHS on December 2, 2003 from Walt Disney Home Entertainment. On 2-Disc Disney DVD, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL, will feature deleted scenes, gag reel, audio commentary with Johnny Depp, a "making-of" featurette, additional filmmaker actor commentary, and more!" more info

Orlando Photo by Helena Christensen
From Legolas Greenleaf: As reported in "Vogue.com", Helena Christensen is making her photography debut at London's Proud Gallery, in an exhibition entitled "People and Portraits". Orlando was one of her subjects, you can view a selected few here (warning: there is partial nudity in some of the photos, but not Orlando's) and this is the Orlando one. Thanks to Hopeless Romantic and Jan of ka-Bloom.

Short Orlando Clip on VH1
From Chandra: On VH1 "Red hot Red Carpet", they showed a clip of Orlando at the POTC premiere at Disneyland. The show is airing again a few times a day for the next couple of days. You can find out what times on vh1.com

7 Extra Magazine Scans
Séverine sent in these scans from the August 20th issue of '7 Extra' (Belgium). Photos: 1 & 2 Interview: 1, 2, 3 Translation coming soon.

From Jennie: TolkienMovies.com has a new poll up entitled "Which animal do you most look forward to seeing in Rotk?" and Orlando Bloom is one the choices (?!). He's currently in second place, behind Shelob the Spider.

IMDb People Gallery
From Aileen: Orlando Bloom is #1 in the Top People Galleries of imdb.com.

Orlando Pirates Logo
Here is a fairly new logo for the Orlando Pirates Football Club.

Vi Unge Magazine
From Mallie: There's an interview and great, great pics in the September issue of Vi Unge magazine (Denmark) and there's lots of small pictures and comments on him everywhere in the mag. On the last page they've put a note that he wrote: "See u in denmark! love OB".

Orlando Voted Most Popular Celeb
From Sarah B.: Orlando Bloom was voted the most popular celebrity on the Disney channel alongside Avril Lavigne. He also appeared on Tuesday being interviewed at the Pirates premiere by Nigel Mitchell.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Agnes (14), Katie (16), and Natalie.
Happy Birthday from yesterday to Sara from her friend Lauren.

  Wednesday, September 3
GQ Awards
Although Orlando didn't receive the Man of the Year award at the British GQ Awards last night, as rumored, he did win Best Film Actor. Individuals in this category were nominated by GQ readers. I don't believe Orlando attended the awards. More info from itv.com.

Frida Interview
Gabbi has sent in an interview and scans from the latest Frida magazine (Sweden).

Wilde on Latin American TV
Marianela from Argentina sent in air dates for the movie Wilde on the Latin American channel Europa Europa. I've added them to the TV Guide.

OBBP Auctions
The next round of auctions for the OB Birthday Project are up on ebay, with proceeds going to Greenpeace.
Auction 1 - A Legolas Scrapbook (by Lady Nin) with 48 scrapbook pages printed on quality Kodak glossy photo paper, inserted in acid-free sheet protectors and collected into a 1" three-ring looseleaf binder.
Auction 2 - A dozen large handmade magnets.
Auction 3 - Legolas drawing by Dawnlyn.

New Legolas Posters and Figurine
Posternow.com has a new ROTK poster with Legolas, and a new mosaic Legolas poster which I think is made up of tiny Legolas screencaps from TTT. Also, kbtoys.com has a Legolas and Gimli on horseback figurine.

Orlando Calendar Scans
Elf Lady sent in scans of the 2004 Orlando calendar.

Voici Magazine Scan
Cat sent in this scan from the French magazine VOICI (N° 824, weekly magazine from Aug. 25 - 31).

UK TV Alert
From Donna: On Thurs. 4th September at 6.30pm on E! (250 on sky digital in the UK), there is a behind the scenes programme about POTC.

Australian Empire Mag
From Katie: This month's Empire magazine (AUS) on sale 3/9/03 has a huge special on Pirates of the Caribbean. The magazine is also running a competition to win a gold pass to the Lord of the Rings convention which is also held this month.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Claire G. (16) and Ashley (13).

  Tuesday, September 2
Studio Magazine Scans
Sophie sent in scans of a photo and small article from the September issue of Studio (France).

The Magazine Not For Adults
From Angelina: The September issue of The Magazine Not For Adults (Canada) out now has pictures of Orlando throughout the magazine, including a larger picture of Orlando from Pirates of the Caribbean. There is also a place on their website where you can vote for your favourite cover of the year so far, Orlando is the candidate for the July issue.

Dolly Magazine
From Teniel: Orlando is Dolly magazine's (Australia) "boy we want". It has a poster but it is not a new one. The writing has information that we already know and has a small picture of Orlando and Kate at Disneyland. It also mentions the movie "Stand By Me" which was the movie that inspired Orlando to pursue an acting career, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the lucky charm around his neck.

GQ Awards
The GQ Awards are tonight at the Royal Opera House in London, and Orlando is rumored to be receiving the Man of the Year award. News and photos will be posted as soon as I get them, if there are any!

New Ned Kelly Photo
Georgia found this Ned Kelly poster on ebay.

Orlando in FHM Collections Mag
Posted by Penny: FHM Collections mag (UK) - due on sale on Sept 12th will have a feature called 'Orlando Bloom on style & stardom'. This is according to an advertisement in the current issue of Empire.

TTT DVD in the Netherlands
From Jorien: You can get The Two Towers DVD for free at the Super de Boer. You only have to give 3 tickets with 5 rock
s (you can collect them) on it and than you'll get it for free.

One Magazine Scan
Maud sent in this photo from the August/Sept. issue of One (France)

SET Magazine
From Julia: The Brazilian SET magazine has a news article on POTC of nine pages in the edition of August and there's a page only about Orlando.

Orlando on Most Searched for List
From Becky Greenleaf: Orlando is the second top name search in the past seven days on imdb.com, right behind Johnny Depp.

TV Hits
From Virgomuse: The latest October Australian Edition of TV Hits has quite a lot of features on Orlando Bloom, including, giant "mega poster" OB as Will Turner from POTC which is huge, stickers (him as Will Turner), New Interview with OB (titled "the pirate life of Orlando"), full page pic of OB and Johnny Depp from POTC (really nice pic), full page pic of OB as Legolas, full page advert poster for POTC featuring OB, and several other small pics, bits and pieces scattered through the mag with quotes, promo, etc, and a competition to attend the Premiere of Return of the King in New Zealand (which is probably only open to Australians).

New Idea Magazine
From Katie: Orlando's in this week's New Idea (Australia) in the quiz quest section. There is picture of him as Legolas and the question says: "From which race of beings does Legolas come from in the Lord of the Rings?". Also, Best of both worlds Australia is holding a Lord of the Rings convention this month on the 19th, 20th and 21st. Guests will include Craig Parker (Haldir) and many more.

Break Out Magazine
From Tonny: There's a poster of Orlando as Will Turner in the Dutch Break Out magazine, nr. 36.

New Magazine
From Zoe: Orlando was voted 12th sexiest man in New Magazine (Uk). There is a small picture, and it says "His soulful good looks and bad boy smouldering send shivers down our spine. Magic." David Beckham was voted No 1.

French POTC Contest
Karine sent in a link to fightclub.lycos.fr where you can play some battle games and if you win a lot, you can win some POTC prizes like T-shirts, bracelets, belts and bags. Also, if you click on the POTC banner on the right, you can enter a competition. Choose the 2nd answer and enter your email address.
Also from Karine, if you rent or buy a dvd/vhs of TTT at a Superclub Videotron, and buy a Pepsi bottle with it, you get a free key-ring of Lotr.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Maria, Shannon (13) from her sister Kimberly, and Claire (16) from her sister Elaine.

  Monday, September 1
Troy Article in TIME
Posted by Stacie: Time.com has posted an article on Troy from the Sep. 08, 2003 issue of TIME magazine (US).

The Weekend Australian
From Ali: An update to what Jess posted on 31/08 ... There is an Orlando feature in the "Review" secti
on of The Weekend Australian newspaper - he is on the front cover of that section (and old pic), with a one-page article inside and three smaller pics (again, all old). The article was from The Times.

LOTR Articles from Newsweek and EW
Lhunboriel sent in this article from the August 18th issue of Newsweek (US) titled Lord of the Oscars. I scanned the TTT DVD article from the Sept. 5th issue of Entertainment Weekly.

ROTK Premiere Dates
From, Jennifer: On tolfalas.com/main it says: Return of the King
Dec. 1, 2003 - World Premiere at the Embassy Theatre in New Zealand
Dec. 10, 2003 - European Premiere in Berlin (also posted at TORN)
Dec. 13, 2003 - Italian Premiere in Rome (also posted at TORN)
Dec. 14, 2003 - Denmark Premiere
Dec. 17, 2003 - US Premiere (release date)
Dec. 18, 2003 - New Zealand Premiere (release date)
Orlando said in the Bravo (Germany) Interview when he received his Otto Award that he will try to come to Berlin for the premiere.
The UK premiere will probably by on December 11th in London.

POTC T-Shirt at Hot Topic
From Jen: Hottopic.com is now selling a POTC ringer T-shirt on their website.

Requesting Bus Shelter Posters
From Amanda: If someone calls VIACOM OUTDOORS (416-255-1392 in Toronto, Canada) they can ask for a poster that they have seen in a bus shelter. For example, I saw a poster of Orlando Bloom (in POTC) in a bus shelter and I called VIACOM OUTDOORS and they gave me an address over the phone to ask for the poster of my choice and they called me and said I could pick it up at their office. Just to let you know it is a BIG poster. viacom-outdoor.com

TTT Pins at Blockbuster
From Lena: Blockbuster had TTT promo pins. If you ask, you can probably get one. I got a Frodo pin, they didn't have any Legolas in that certain store.

Ned Kelly Documentary Synopsis
From Rebecca: Just to let you know that there was a documentary about Ned Kelly on UK Channel 4 last night for an hour. I taped it and watched it and it was really good, the FBI actually did a psychological analysis of Ned Kelly's 56 page letter he had Joe write and found out that he was showing off his huge ego. They also showed pictures of all the Kelly Gang dead apart from Ned. They had Joe's body where he got shot at the Glenrowan Inn and the burnt bodies of Dan and Steve who were burnt to death when the police set the Inn on fire. They had relatives of Joe and Ned there as well as one of the police officers that Ned and his brother Dan killed in the woodland areas of Australia. They in fact stole this policeman's watch and the family kept it for 50 years before it was returned to the family and the descendent showed it and it still works even though it has a dent in it where a bullet had taken to it. No cast interviews sadly but it did say a lot about the film and how the Australian people honour Ned and hope the film will bring the past to life.
In conclusion they found out that Ned Kelly was a murderer a barbarian and a terrorist who shouldn't be a hero at all but the word hero means standing up for what you believe in and doing what is right which he did in a way.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kendra P.
Happy Belated Birthday from yesterday to Hannah Light (16) from Alsager.