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May 2006
  Wednesday, May 17
Orlando to Attend POTC 2 Premieres
Our Orlando contact Lori has given us this info: Orlando will be attending both the L.A. and London premieres for POTC 2. He, and I quote, "Hopes the fans come out in force to cheer him on."

KOH DVD Giveaway
Insidepulse.com is giving away a copy of the Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut DVD, out on May 23.

Haven Release Date
Comingsoon.net now has the Haven release date as September, 2006. Thanks to Marie for the info.

POTC Playing Cards
I scanned a playing card from the POTC: Dead Man's Chest promotional deck. Will is the King, Elizabeth the Queen, and Jack the Jack! Jack the monkey is the joker.

Stern Magazine Scan
From Legolas Greenleaf: Cocun sent in a scan from the current issue of "Stern". She writes "The picture was taken by Jocelyn Bain Hogg. I guess it's been published along with other pictures in his book "Idols + Believers", which is about the dark side of fame and Hollywood glamour as far as I know. The caption said that the picture had been taken at a wedding of one of Orlando’s friends."

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Mary (15) from her sister Sarah, Catherine (19), Meagan (15).

  Wednesday, May 3
New POTC 2 Trailer
Below are links to download the new trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, thanks to Jen who's helping with the online marketing. View screencaps here. You can also view the trailer on the movie's MySpace page, and get code for adding the trailer to your own page. Here is the dubbed French version of the trailer, thanks to Maud.

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POTC 2 Video Clip From EXTRA
I made a video clip from today's Extra, showing some behind the scenes footage of POTC 2.

POTC 2 London Premiere
The City of Westminster's web site states that the POTC 2 premiere will take place on July 3 at the Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square. Thanks to Jo for the info.

New POTC 2 Photos
New photos at:
outnow.ch (thanks to Roland)
action-figure.com (bottom of the page, thanks to Danny) It also states the Will is originally from Glasgow, Scotland.
Orlando Love

Handprint Auction
You can purchase a limited edition print of Orlando's handprint to benefit The BBC Children in Need Appeal on ebay.

EW Article Scan
Here's a scan of the POTC 2 article in the April 28/May 5 issue of Entertainment Weekly (US).

EW's Must-See Summer Movies List
From ew.com: The ambitious production schedule - shooting two sequels back-to-back, Matrix-style - had to be tossed overboard when last year's seemingly endless hurricane season caused a lengthy, costly hiatus. "It's frustrating for everybody at different times," Bloom says, but he's not complaining about shooting off the coast of the Bahamas. "We're filming in that transparent turquoise water. It's quite glamorous." read more

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Brandi (14), Wendi, April (18) from Chelsey & Scarlett, Brian (22) from his sister Andrea, Jessica (13) from her fav sister Victoria, Angel (16) from her friend Kirsty, Dilara, Mel (21) and Laura (21) from Mary, Rebecca (21) from Mand, Laura and Sammi.

April 2006
  Thursday, April 20
Armenian Genocide Doc Audio Clip
Here is a sound clip of Orlando doing a narration on the PBS documentary The Armenian Genocide.

Orlando's Car Hits Scooter
From thesun.co.uk: A SCOOTER rider told last night how he was hit by a car driven by actor Orlando Bloom - but all he got was a lousy autograph. Slawomir Szydlowski, 28, came to with the Lord Of The Rings star peering down at him.
Orlando - elf Legolas in the films - then hopped in an ambulance with Slawomir and wrote a note saying "Sorry mate!" Slawomir, who suffered internal bleeding and cuts, said: "It's only good luck that I'm here to tell the tale. He can't have looked in his mirrors. I flew off and hit the ground hard, rolling three times. If there'd been a car coming the other way, I'd be dead."
The swimming tutor was riding home to Mitcham on his Honda. He says Orlando, 29, pulled out on London's Albert Bridge Road at 8.30pm on Monday. Slawomir said: "We both had to give breath tests. He did ring to check I was all right." Orlando's spokesman refused to comment.

POTC 2 Action Figures Contest
action-figure.com is giving away Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest action figures. Thanks to Danny for the info.

Haven Release Date Changed Again
Comingsoon.net now has the Haven release date as TBA (to be announced) 2006.

Easter Weekend in Cumbria
From lovetripper.com: Silver screen dream Orlando Bloom reportedly enjoyed a little taste of paradise with a stay at Edenhall Country Hotel during an Easter weekend excursion to Cumbria. The two-story, ivy-bedecked beauty on an acre of tree-lined land lies in close proximity to Hadrian's Wall.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Katie (20).

  Tuesday, April 18
Haven Review
Aintitcool.com has a review and plot info of Haven. (Warning for language)

Magazine Scans
orlizgurl4ever sent in scans from the March issue of CosmoGirl (US), The February issue of Bop (US) (1, 2, 3, 4), and the February issue of J-14 (US) (1, 2, 3, 4).

Armenian Genocide Documentary
Orlando lent his voice to the documentary The Armenian Genocide shown on PBS last night. He was the voice of Auguste Bernau, a German office representative of the New York Vacuum Oil Company. The doc will reair later in the week on some PBS stations. Check your local listings. I will add sound clips soon.

Mention in Sean Bean Article
From premiere.com: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
Bean learned that being afraid to fly and filming in New Zealand can make for an unpleasant combination.
"I wasn't very keen on flying, so me and Orlando Bloom were driving from Wellington to Queensland. And there was a massive storm with mudslides so we got stuck and had to sort of shack up in this log cabin for a couple of days. It was quite pleasant actually, but the ironic thing is that the only way they could get us out was by helicopter. So after doing all that, I ended up in one. It was just terrible because it was swaying and just hearing the rotor blades go around makes me think, 'Oh s***.' Orlando was sitting next to me, and he was fine, but I was gripping his kneecap."

Waxwork in UK Museum
According to guardian.co.uk, there is a waxwork figure of Orlando at Blackpool's Louis Tussaud's museum. Celeb City is the latest offering at the museum, which has just reopened after a £500,000 refit that should finally allow it to shake off the dubious distinction of having been dubbed one of Britain's worst tourist attractions by consumer magazine Which?

The White Tree Fund Newsletter
The White Tree Fund's first newsletter is now online. The White Tree Fund is a group of Tolkien fans who have come together to try to meet some of the desperate needs of this world.

Mention on Air Force Parody Website
From Andrea: On chairforce.com, a U.S. Air Force parody website, there is an alternative rank chart that references Orlando. It reads: Princess: She graduated high school one year ago and she still thinks the world revolves around her. Things that are more important than the military include: boys, makeup, hair styles, Kelly Clarkson’s latest album, and anything to do with Orlando Bloom.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Lauren from her friend Kristyn, V. (17), Alicia (16).

  Monday, April 10
Possible New Role
From contactmusic.com: British actors ORLANDO BLOOM and COLIN FIRTH are expected to star in a new TV adaptation of hard-hitting 1966 film CATHY COME HOME. The new BBC version is to mark the 40th anniversary of the original KEN LOACH movie, which pricked Britain's conscience regarding the issue of homelessness. A spokeswoman says, "It feels timely to look at poverty and inequality in Britain today."

IWC Party in Geneva
According to hellomagazine.com, Orlando was in Geneva, Switzerland on April 4, attending a glamorous Forties-inspired bash thrown by Swiss watchmakers IWC at an aircraft hangar in the city's airport. You can view photos on Orlando Love.

Third POTC Title Confirmed?
From comingsoon.net: A rumor broke out recently that may have accurately revealed what the full title for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is. 'TomJRdhd' writes today:
I work at a Disney Store in the UK and we had loads of information on upcoming Disney Films up until 2009 on the notice board. The one thing that I found interesting was we had the full title to Pirates of the Caribbean 3...It's full title is Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End.
The plot for the third film is currently under wraps, though the film will of course see the return of Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley in their starring roles. It is scheduled for a May 25, 2007 release date.

Hello Magazine Poll
Vote for Orlando in Hello Magazine's monthly poll for the Most Attractive Man.

Most Naturally Attractive Poll
From postchronicle.com: Scarlett Johansson has been dubbed 'Hollywood's most natural beauty' by a new survey of cosmotologists, or members of the 'National Association Of Screen Make-Up Artists And Hairdressers,' according to a published report. Hunky Actor Orlando Bloom came in first place in the male poll with the most natural good looks.

Dakota Fanning's Crush
From teenpeople.com: Before being honored by the Starlight Starbright Foundation at the Beverly Hilton, the adorable Dakota Fanning telling TEEN PEOPLE she's got a little thing for Orlando Bloom. "At my very first award show, they didn't have a step [for me], so he had to hold me up while I gave my acceptance speech," she says. "He was really sweet."

Article on Winx Club Site
From Christine: I was looking up the Winx Club (a cartoon on Sunday mornings on FOX) and under one of the fairie's bios (Musa) there are tips, [which included Orlando Bloom: a breakout star!]

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sharli (15) from her best friend Victoria, Debbie (22), Ashley B., and Lisa (17).

March 2006
  Friday, March 31
The Lord of the Rings on TBS
The Fellowship of the Ring will air on TBS April 14 at 8/7c, and The Two Towers will air on April 15 and 16 at 8/7c. You can watch some funny videos on the TBS site, including one titled Hunks, featuring Legolas of course!

New Release Date for Haven
From Kristen: According to comingsoon.net, "Haven" will have a supposed wide release on May 12th, which is an already busy Friday moviewise, but that's what they have posted on their website and it's not listed for limited or any special release.

US TV Alerts
The Calcium Kid will air on Comedy Central on April 11 at 8am EST. Midsomer Murders: Judgement Day will air on the Biography Channel on April 16 at 4pm EST.

MSN Australia Hottest Man Alive Poll
From Adwena: The results of a recent "Hottest Man Alive" poll at ninemsn.com.au have been counted. Orlando came in fifth position. Johnny Depp was number one.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to A.J. (14).

  Monday, March 27
Scuba Diving in Dominica
From timesonline.co.uk: Sorry, ladies, but you just missed a treat - Orlando Bloom in rubber! With a mask! The star of Lord of the Rings, Troy and a few episodes of Casualty enjoyed scuba diving recently at Cabrits (www.cabritsdive.com), off the island of Dominica, while filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, due for release in July. "He looked really good in a wet suit," sighed one female British diver, "but way too young for me."

Haven Release Postponed
According to Darkhorizons.com, Haven has been pulled from the release schedule. Amby at Orlando Love called the distributor, and they told her it will be released in mid to late spring, but there is no definite date yet.

New Haven Photos
There are 2 new Orlando press photos from Haven at movieweb.com.

KOH Premiere Photos
I added some Kingdom of Heaven London premiere photos from Liron at hughdancy.info and Tonny, along with some from the NY Premiere by Elena.

Orlando Paper Doll
Maya sent in a link to an online Orlando paper doll on gurl.com.

LOTR Musical Hits Sour Note in Canada
From yahoo.com: J.R.R. Tolkien's epic tale "The Lord of the Rings," recast as the most expensive musical ever produced, opened in Toronto to wretched reviews.

Possible New Film Role
From theage.com.au: Irvin Kershner, the Hollywood director of Star Wars and James Bond fame, is scouting for actors in India where he will shoot large parts of his next film. The Princess and Wizard will be "a children's film that adults will also like," Kershner said during a stopover in Mumbai where he met the Bollywood set. The film's producer Arjun Daluvoy said they were considering Hollywood heartthrobs Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom for the male lead. Production begins in October and the film will span India, the United Kingdom, Egypt and the United States.

Samantha Bloom in New Film
From Roseanne: According to imdb.com, Samantha, Orlando's sister, is going to be in the feature length version of the short film "Cashback" as Mrs. Booth. The character is not in the short film so I don't know if she is a major part of the film.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Katie (14) from her friend Shayna, Nanda (14), Beth (13) from her friend Mary Ann, Caroline (16) from her friend Veronika, Cinthia (18) from her friend Veronika, Courtney (16), Chris-Ann, Celestina (16), Brittany (16), Sarah (18), Jasmine (14), Audra (16) from her bff Amy.

  Friday, March 10
POTC 2 Premiere
The Pirate's of the Caribbean premiere will take place at Disneyland on June 24, right after the ride reopens after being updated with characters from the movie. Read more about the ride here, and the premiere here.

Elizabethtown Screencaps
I added screencaps from Elizabethtown, thanks to Kathy.

Will Turner Standee
Movieweb.com has posted a Will Turner standee.

New/Old Photos
Old studio photos from orlando_daily.
From Andrea: Patsie posted a picture on her livejournal of Orlando that I think is new.

Mention in Jewelry Book
From Robyn: I bought a book called "Charming: The Magic of Charm Jewelry" by D. Alun-Jones and J. Ayton at the Holt & Renfrew Last Call store in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. There is a picture of Orlando on page 14 (he is the only male celebrity pictured in the book). This is the quote: "All the great jewelers of the world have always made charms, but, in our hectic and challenging world, jewelry has become more personal and meaningful than ever. Charms reflect the personality of their wearer and, in so doing, offer us a band of identity. Today's examples can take any form, from an exotic claw, tooth, or piece of stone, as worn by the actor Orlando Bloom... Collections of individual charms tell the story of a lifetime." This is the picture.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sarah (12) from her friend Kristyn, Jessica (17).

  Saturday, March 4
Sanremo Musical Festival
I added photos of Orlando at the Sanremo Musical Festival in Italy on March 3, thanks to Orlando Love, Sandruman, Stephanie, Anna and Sakurazukalori.
From Emilia: He was interviewed by spicy Victoria Cabella, popular MTV VJ, and his performance lasted about half an hour (and it ended with Victoria kissing Orlando, and him smiling and saying that his girlfriend would kill him.)

The Works and Cosmo Scans
Bethany sent in scans from the March issue's of The Works (1, 2, 3) and Cosmo (US).

Haven News
From mtv.com: That loud shriek you heard recently was a million teenage girls rejoicing over their successful efforts to land a release date for "Haven," the long-delayed Orlando Bloom drama that finally hits theaters April 21. "That's cool," Bloom said of fan efforts that included an online petition demanding to finally see the film that first screened at the Toronto Film Festival in 2004. "I love it. That's awesome." Reflecting on the delay, Bloom admitted his frustration while insisting that it's an unfortunate side effect of his chosen career. "It's a part of life, you know. Especially part of the movie business; you just have to expect it. I'm used to making big movies that get made, sold and open straight away. But this was a real labor of love, and the director took it to Toronto, recut the movie, and it's taken a little while to get going. But it's in good shape." Co-starring Bill Paxton and Zoe Saldana, "Haven" tells a "Traffic"-like tale involving an unscrupulous businessman (Paxton) and the two lovers (Bloom and Saldana) who get caught up in his web of violence.

The Apprentice Look-a-like
There's an Orlando look-a-like on The Apprentice (photo). Talk about it on the board.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jenarae from her cousin Lisa-Shannyn, Aisling (15), Stacey K. (16), Jerika (16) from Tiffany, Megan and everyone from SJRA, Scott and Brett from Erin.

February 2006
  Monday, February 27
POTC 2 Photos
I updated the POTC 2 gallery with new press photos, thanks to Andrea, and the official poster thanks to Disney. I also scanned in just the Orlando part of the poster and removed the lettering.

Keira Bullied By Johnny and Orlando
From entertainmentwise.com: Pouty Keira Knightley has admitted she is constantly teased whilst on set with gorgeous co-stars, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. Knightley confessed to Heat magazine that both men have been hanging round the set every time she films a scene: "They've been taking the piss out of me. Every time I do a take, they say, 'Oh, is that an Oscar-nominated take?'"

POTC Make-up Artist Memorial
From Aniran and monstersandcritics.com: A memorial service for Oscar award nominated make-up artist Richard Snell who passed away February 21st will be held Sunday, February 26th in Los Angeles, CA (USA) at a regular meeting of the IATSE local 706 reports president Sue Cabral Ebert. According to Cabral Ebert, at exactly that same time in the Bahamas on the set of Disney's 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' on which Snell had been working as a make up and special effects artist, the crew will be having a sunset vigil on the beach. The "Black Pearl" ship used in the movie will have set sail with its flag at half staff, a skydiver will jump from a plane with a smoke trail, and everyone will gather on the beach. "As the story goes right now, each crew member is donating a day's salary to the family, and even the extras are giving up a day's pay to help," said Ms. Cabral Ebert.

Total Film
From Molly: In Total Film magazine (UK) this month there is a 6 page article about POTC 2-3, including some old pictures of Will Turner and a whole page pic of Jack Sparrow. Its a must read!

Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut
The 4 Disc Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut will be released on May 23. Here is a list of all the features.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Erin (18), Michelle (15) from her friend Megan, Sarah-Catherine (14) from her sister Mary-Adrianne, Sara (14), Kelly (15) from her little soccer buddy, Tara (16) from Alicia, Phynx (22) from friend Jesse, Victoria (17), Veronika (18), Sol (18) from her best friend Veronika, Paula (16), Jacey aka Sparkleberry from her pal Sarah.

  Wednesday, February 8
New POTC 2 Images
Here are two new images from the 2005 Disney Annual Report (1 & 2). Also, Carmen sent in a scan from the Motion Picture Costumers Local 705 newsletter.

Disney to Update Pirates Ride
From sun-sentinel.com: Pirates of the Caribbean, a mainstay ride at Magic Kingdom since 1973 and at Disneyland since 1967, will close for three to four months this spring so it can be updated. Disney wants to add characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, including Jack Sparrow, the Johnny Depp character, in time for the July 7 release of the sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Disney also plans to update some of the special effects. The rides are closing and the changes are being made at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

New POTC 2 Commercial
You can watch the POTC Dead Man's Chest commercial that aired during the Super Bowl at aintitcool.com.

Sexiest Men List
Orlando is #2 on the 100 sexiest men of 2006 list at intersites.co.uk. Thanks to Chloe for the info.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Molly (15) from her friend Sarah, Angela (22), Alix, Amy, Karla (20), Jessica (12), April, Jo from her friend M.A., Parnell (19) from her sister Pamela, Fernanda (15) from her friend Barbara, Megan (15) from all her friends from SJRA and the Quitman rodeo association.

January 2006
  Friday, January 27
New Haven Photos
cinempire.com has posted some new press photos from Haven. Thanks to Xoey for the link.

Moviefone Awards
Orlando is nominated for a Moviefone award in the Biggest Badass category for his role in Kingdom of Heaven. You can vote online here.

Elizabethtown Show on Food Channel
A show titled 'Behind the Bash: Elizabethtown Premiere Party' will air on the Food Channel in the US on February 1 at 9pm, Feb. 2 at 1am, and on Feb. 5th at 5:30pm.

Orlando's Style Sense
Bilal sent in an article from mensflair.com about Orlando's fashion style.

Elizabethtown DVD
From KT: On Cameron Crowe's official site, he has posted in the blog the DVD extras for "Elizabethtown" and the track list and cover art for the second volume of the Elizabethtown soundtrack.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Debz (14) from her friend Amber, Tess (14), Barbara (14), Stephanie (15) from her friend Anne, Becky (15).

  Saturday, January 21
The Calcium Kid on US TV
The Calcium Kid will air on Comedy Central on February 1st at 8am EST.

POTC 2 Article in Entertainment Weekly
ew.com has a small article about POTC2 where Orlando talks about a huge sword fight. There's also a new photo.

POTC 2 Set Photos
Here are 2 set photos from POTC 2 thanks to Where's the Rum? and Legolas Greenleaf. (1 & 2)

Star Inc. Scan
Claudine sent in a scan from the January issue of Star Inc. (French Canada), where Orlando was chosen as one of the 25 hottest males of 2005.

One Magazine Scans
Veronique sent in scans from the December/January issue of One (France). (1, 2, 3)

POTC 2 Article in Premiere
Here's a scan of the short POTC 2 article in the February issue of Premiere (US).

Italian Vanity Fair
In the January 2006 issue of Vanity Fair (Italy), there are 6 photos and an interview. The photos seem to be the same as those that were in the recent GQ.

Elizabethtown Costumes on Display in Toronto
From Darrell: Orlando's outfit worn in Elizabethtown to be on view at the Starstruck Entertainment store at Sherway Gardens in Toronto. Some of the actual clothes worn by Orlando, along with various other items from the movie, will be put on display at the store to promote the release of Elizabethtown on Feb 7th. Items will be on display starting the week of Jan. 30th.

Autographed Photo Auctioned For Charity
From prweb.com: More than 50 celebrities from entertainment and sports have donated autographed items to the Luke Neuhedel Foundation for its second Luketacular Online Celebrity Auction from February 4 through 12. All proceeds from the online auction will directly benefit children fighting cancer in the US. Auction items can be viewed online at lukefund.org.

Empire Magazine
In Empire magazine 'Feb. 2006' there is a double page spread featuring a synopsis of Pirates 2 with a large picture of Johnny Depp running for islanders. Also is a feature called '200 things that rocked our world' that features Orlando at number 95 (just for being himself) and Jack Sparrow at number 77.

Astrology Article
From Sandra: Orlando has been included in an online article analying celebrity Capricorns on msn.com.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Denisse (14), Katie (15), Laura from her friend Sarah, Jamie (12).

  Friday, January 13
Happy Birthday to Orlando, and The OB Files!
Orlando is 29 today, and The OB Files is 4 years old!

Haven in Theaters in April
From caycompass.com: The film Haven, directed and written by Caymanian Frank E. Flowers, will premiere on the island in April. Haven first screened at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2004, but will finally be released in April. The movie, which cost about US$6 million to make, is set for US distribution on 500 screens in 20 markets.

'Maybe the Stars Have Gotten Small After All'
Here's an article on Orlando from the New York Times.

'A Walk on the Dark Side'
Here's an article from channelnewsasia.com on Orlando and his work in Elizabethtown.

Hello Magazine Poll
Today is the last day to vote for Orlando as Hello magazine's most attractive man. He is currently in the lead. The winners should be announced either today or tomorrow.

Orlando at Cirque du Soleil in London
From teenpeople.com: It may be time for professional swashbuckler Orlando Bloom to hang up his sword. When we caught up with the Pirates of the Caribbean star in London at a VIP performance of Cirque du Soleil: Alegria, he told us that if he had to star in a circus act, he'd skip the daring high wire for a barrel full of laughs -- as a clown. "I would no way be able to do the acrobatics," Bloom says.

Orlando Takes Clowning Lessons?
From digitalspy.co.uk (taken with a grain of salt): Orlando Bloom is taking clowning lessons so that he can join the circus if his film career ever comes to an end. The Kingdom of Heaven actor loves mannequins and regularly attends Cirque Du Soleil's shows. After seeing latest show Allegria in London, he signed up for lessons in slapstick, juggling and fire-eating. "This show has inspired me to take classes in how to clown," Bloom told the Daily Star. "They're pretty useful skills for everyday life anyway."

Mykindaplace.com Award
From M: Mykindaplace.com held MKP Awards for the winners and losers of 2005. Orlando wasn't in the running for Sexiest Man (but Johnny Depp came in 3rd place, and Keira Knightley won 1st place for Sexiest Female.) But Orlando won 2nd place for Most Stylee Guy, after Adam Brody.

Possible New Film Role
From eonline.com: A Million Little Pieces tells the supposedly true story of Frey's struggles with crack and alcohol addiction, his various run-ins with the law and his two-month stint in a Minnesota rehab center. Frey has said his book is in the process of being made into a movie, to be coproduced by Brad Pitt and directed by Mark Romanek. Ryan Gosling, Tobey Maguire, Orlando Bloom, Josh Hartnett and Jake Gyllenhaal are just a few of the actors who are reportedly in consideration for the lead role.

Kingdom of Heaven Extended Cut Reviews
aintitcool.com and hollywood-elsewhere.com have reviews of the extended cut of Kingdom of Heaven.

Kingdom of Heaven Petition
20th Century Fox released "Kingdom of Heaven" in May 2005. It was not the version advertised by the trailers, but a truncated version that omitted entire characters and major plot development. In December 2005, Fox released the longer "Director's Cut", which is the COMPLETE movie. It has been released for two weeks, in ONE theater, in ONE city. We want Fox to release it NATIONWIDE. Fox should be told: Show us the movie we paid for! Please visit our blog at showusthemovie.blogspot.com.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Cara (14) from her sister Jessica, Rejoice, Meghan, Jessy Lee (18), Celine, Amandais from Catelyn, Naomi from her friend Annie, Stephanie S. (15) from her best friend Kristina, Mary Ann from Amanda.

December 2005
  Wednesday, December 21
Out and About in London
Orlando attended Elton John's pre-wedding party Monday night at the Too2Much cabaret nightclub in London. Orlando also attended a screening of Annie Hall in London the week before, on December 12. There were reports by tabloids that Annie Lennox snubbed Orlando when he came up to her, but she posted on her website that the rumors were untrue.

Critics' Choice Awards
The Elizabethtown soundtrack has been nominated for Best Soundtrack in the 2005 Critics' Choice Awards. Nancy Wilson was also nominated for Best Composer, and "Same in Any Language" was nominated for Best Song. The awards will take place at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium and will air on The WB on January 9th.

Mention in Italian Cosmopolitan
Mery writes that in the Italian Cosmopolitan, it mentions that Orlando was a scout, but for only one season.

Hottest in 2005 Poll
From emediawire.com: In order to determine who was hottest in 2005, web users who visited the 'Are You Hot?' quiz on Chatterbean.com during the month of November of 2005 were asked to choose the hottest person among four celebrity nominees. Second place hotness went to British import and recent 'Elizabethtown' star Orlando Bloom (28), who received 28.53% of the voters,

Life Story
There is another Life Story magazine out now for Orlando, titled "Life Story: Ultimate Tribute to Orlando Bloom". It will be on sale until March 3, 2006. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info.

Movie Idols Magazine
From Becky: In the Dec. 05/Jan. 06 issue of Movie Idols magazine (UK) there is an A2 poster of Balian and there are a few details about Orlando:
Born: January 13th 1977
Height: 5'11"
Idol Moments: "An actor who found success very early in his career, Bloom almost went directly from drama school to Middle Earth, when Peter Jackson cast him for his trilogy of Tolkiens adaptations. Since then, Orlando's career has soared ever higher, embraced by audiences as the Errol Flynn of his generation with adventurous roles in Pirates of the Caribbean and historical dramas Troy and Kingdom of Heaven. However, there are signs that the classically handsome actor now seeks more traditional romantic lead material - starting with his role in Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown".
Breakout Movie: "The Lord of the Rings, in which he played the fearless bow - wielding elf Legolas"
Biggest Hit: "Orlando has no shortage of hits. The three Lord of the Rings movies, Pirates of the Caribbean (and no doubt, it's sequels...) Take your pick!"

Sexiest Body Parts Poll
You can vote for Orlando as having the Sexiest Hair on people.com. Thanks to Maya for the link.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jessica from her friend Mary Ann, Erica O. from her her friends, Lusia (13), Ashlee from her friend Belle, Amber from her friend D. Cramer.

  Tuesday, December 13
POTC 2 Site Online
The official Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest web site is now online. It includes this new photo of Orlando taking a break during filming. Also, Disney sent out the following photos: 1 & 2, and links to the trailer:
Quicktime: Extra High | High | Medium | Low
Windows Media Player: High | Medium | Low
Real Video: High | Medium | Low

Designated Driver Poll
From prnewswire.com: Hoping to "drive home" responsible drinking messages this holiday season, Anheuser-Busch today released the results of its annual designated driver poll and declared Dec. 11-17 National Designated Driver Awareness Week. In addition to Katie Couric and George Clooney, Americans also chose Mariah Carey (18 percent), Tom Cruise (13 percent) and Orlando Bloom (8 percent) as their preferred designated drivers.

Hand Print Video
Orlando's signed handprint will be auctioned in autumn of 2006. You can see a video clip of him signing it on celebrityhandprints.co.uk.

Card Scans
Idril sent in scans of some Orlando cards she got (1 & 2).

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sarah from her friend Jacey, Naomi (18) from her friend Jorien, Kathy (49) from her daughter Caroline, Rachel (11) from her best friend, and Priya (19) from Sonia.

  Wednesday, December 7
Bop Scans
Clare sent in scans from the December issue of Bop (US). (1, 2, 3)

Orlando Turns Down Commercial
From chieftain.com: Most recently, Strubel finished one of the best-paying jobs of his career, a Japanese television commercial for Honda's new Elysion mini-SUV. Filmed in Los Angeles by Rupert Wainwright -the director of the recent horror film "The Fog" - the commercial was first offered to super-hot actor Orlando Bloom, who allegedly turned down the job on the advice of fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who felt that hawking a car that wasn't a hybrid wasn't the right thing for Bloom to do.

Orlando to Join William's Football Team?
From uk-flava.com: Robbie Williams has reportedly asked actors Jude Law and Orlando Bloom to play in his charity football match. The heartthrob singer is leading the British team in the Soccer Aid event to raise funds for UNICEF - and is keen to add some Hollywood stars to his side. An insider told Britain's The Sun newspaper the star has even invited TV heads to film the team training in the run-up to the charity match next May.

Orlando Wins European Film Award
From u.tv: Orlando Bloom won the Jameson People's Choice Award as Best European Actor for Kingdom Of Heaven [at the European Film Awards, Saturday, December 3rd in Berlin]. Orlando was unable to attend the ceremony at the Berlin Arena. He sent a fax instead in which he revealed that his reason for making Kingdom of Heaven was "the opportunity to work with a real life knight Sir Ridley Scott".
Orlando beat out Christian Bale and Daniel Craig for the award.

Bravo TV Poll
From thefutoncritic.com: Bravo and Star magazine teamed up to find out what makes a party hot. More than 1,000 respondents weighed in on which "A-listers" they'd put on their V.I.P. list and which celebrity celebrations they are dying to attend. Bloom, Crowe and Foxx were in dead heat for first place as the choice for who folks would want as their best man at their wedding.

Ring Offer Ending Soon
A reminded that the special offer of 20% discount for when The Orlando Bloom Files is mentioned on ordering through www.gurgel-segrillo.com, will expire on Dec 31st. Patricia Gurgel Segrillo designed one of the rings that Orlando wears. (more info)

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kelly from her friend Kristyn, Rachel from her best friend Amy.

  Thursday, December 1
POTC 2 Trailer
You can watch the first trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest on Yahoo Movies. I made screencaps here. Yahoo also has some new photos.

New Fan Mail Address
There is a new fan mail address to write to Orlando and to request an autographs. It is:
Orlando Bloom
c/o Spanky Taylor
3727 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
If you would like a signed picture, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope that will hold an 8" x 10" photo. The envelope should have US postage on it, or you should include IRCs if you live outside the US. You may still send mail to the London ICM address, but it will be forwarded to the US address and will therefore take longer to get back to you.

Thefts During POTC Filming
From theaustralian.news.com.au: PRODUCTION on two new Pirates of the Caribbean films has been halted because of raids by real-life brigands. Some actors and crew members have been robbed four times in a month. The last incident happened on November 11. It is claimed that $US20,000 ($27,400) in cash and equipment was taken. Mr. Kakebeen, chief executive of Jemini Seven Entertainment, declined to say whether any of the film's stars had been targeted. But he said two actors had left the island in fear of their lives as a result of the robberies. Filming on the sequels was due to be completed next month.

Teen Tribute Scans
The Raptor sent in scans from the Fall issue of Teen Tribute (Canada).

Legolas Playing Card
Stephanie S. sent in a scan of a Legolas playing card from a LOTR deck. She says the cards have 1 card for each main character as well as drawings and sketches. The deck of cards were supposedly being given away to advertise the complete LOTR Trilogy set.

Vanidades Magazine Scans
Andrea sent in scans of an Orlando article in Vanidades (Mexico) magazine. There are no new photos. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Argentinean Newspaper Scans
Lula from Marion Mania sent in a scan from La Nacion Revista (Argentina), and scans from El Clarin (Argentina) (1 & 2).

Julia Magazine
Thanks to Linnea for the info that Orlando and Kirstin are on the cover of the November 22 issue of Julia (Sweden). You can read the interview on the Julia site.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Samantha (16), Karla (15) from her friend Veronica, Brianne (14), Janese (19) from her sister Kiki, Tiffany (15) from her friend Briana.

November 2005
  Tuesday, November 22
People Magazine
Orlando made it into People Magazine's Sexist Man Alive issue, out now. Here is a scan thanks to Sammie. The quotes they used are from the Fan Encounters section of this site.

Orlando's Green Tea Pain
From Sky News: The British actor has revealed that he's had to put a stop to his green tea-sipping because it was leaving him in pain. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star broke his back after falling three stories from a roof terrace - before he hit the big time. But having fully recovered from the injury, it seems that he has to avoid caffeine or else the pain comes back. And how does he know? Because he drank too much of the green stuff whilst he was filming night scenes for Elizabethtown - his latest movie with Kirsten Dunst. He explains: "I was drinking green tea, which has caffeine. Not an awful lot. Just enough to get me through the shoot. By the end of the night, my back was killing me. It (caffeine) dehydrates your spine and my back - that's still my alarm. That's my canary in the mine shaft."

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Spoilers
cinematical.com has some spoilers about the third POTC film.

Neeson Thinks Bloom's Flynn Reincarnated
From entertainmentwise.com: Liam Neeson believes Orlando Bloom, his 'Kingdom Of Heaven' co-star, is Errol Flynn brought back from the dead because of how great he sports his tights. The Batman trainer thinks that most movie men look a bit crap in period wear, whereas Bloom simply blossoms. Qui-Gon Jinn said of Legolas, "I always think of Errol Flynn. He looked uncomfortable in a suit but put him in a ridiculous pair of tights, and he looked to the manor born. John Wayne playing Genghis Khan was quite the other thing; Clint Eastwood in a kilt would look ludicrous. I don't know what it is. Orlando simply looks the part. If I were (film tycoon) Jack Warner, I'd get a team of writers, get them writing period pieces, and sign him. Orlando is like a classic 40s star. Some actors are utterly lost if you put a sword in their hands. Orlando is all physical grace."

Ringers, Lord of the Fans
The documentary Ringers, Lord of the Fans is released today on DVD. You can purchase it on Amazon.com.

Letters to PJ
The Letters to PJ (Peter Jackson) project is coming to a close on November 30th. Make sure you have your letters in by then. Check their site for more info.

Bop Magazine
From Jess: In [the December issue of] Bop (US) magazine there is a 4 page fold out poster of Orlando Bloom. There is also a little picture on the back cover and a picture of him sticking his tongue out at the VMA's in Miami on the red carpet.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sheena (13) from her friend Clarissa, Simmi (16) from her friend Cheryl, Jasmine (13), Kimberly from her daughter Grace, Jessie D., Vicki (18).

Now Magazine Scans
Jesse from Click Orlando sent in scans from the 23 Nov. edition of Now magazine (UK). (1, 2, 3)

Orlando Sued by Ex-agent
From eonline.com: Orlando Bloom's former management agency wants some of his Pirates of the Caribbean booty. The Firm, which began working with Bloom in June 2002, has sued the actor in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming it is owed "no less than $660,000" in commissions from Bloom's work on the two upcoming Pirates sequels.

Ciak Magazine Scans
Francesca sent in scans from the November issue of Ciak (Italy). article (1 & 2), photos (1 & 2). I replaced some of the scans with clearer ones by Selinde from Legolas Greenleaf.

Radio Times Magazine Scans
Idril sent in scans from the November 11 edition of Radio Times magazine (UK). (1 & 2)

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jessica, Emily S. (14) from her friend Sam, Rachel (15) from her best friend Elizabeth, Kayla (15), Sarah (18) from Renee, Shams (13), Amanda (14) from Lindsey, Karin (16) from her friend Lou.

  Wednesday, November 9
Best Movie Scans
Maia from Orlando Bloom Web World sent in scans of the Elizabethtown article from the November issue of Best Movie (Italy). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Australian Magazine Scans
Clare sent in scans from the following Australian magazines:
Cosmopolitan, December 2005
CLEO, November 2005
Empire, November 2005
Broadsword Magazine, Issue 2 Volume 2 2005

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Sanna (24) from Petra.

  Monday, November 7
People's Sexiest Man Alive
You can vote for Orlando in People's Sexiest Man Alive in 2005 contest.

Radio Times Magazine
From Idril: There is a large picture of Orlando in the [November 11 issue of] Radio Times magazine (UK) and a 1 page article about him.
From radiotimes.com: Not just a pretty face? Big-screen heart-throb Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl, Saturday, Sky Movies 8) talks about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

UK TV Alerts
Orlando will be on the program One Shot on Reality TV, on November 10 at 21:00, and Film 2005 with Jonathan Ross on BBC 1, November 7 at 23:45.

Dutch Magazine Scans
Lenny from Bloomania sent in scans from the November 3 issue of Break Out, the November 5 issue of Hitkrant (1, 2, 3) and the November issue of Stars (1, 2, 3, 4).

Italian Elizabethtown Competition
From Francesca: The Italian site of MTV has an Elizabethtown competition. By answering three questions about the movie you could win an electric guitar and the soundtrack of the movie. The competition ends November,20.

E Online Article
eonline.com has an article about Hollywood stars working out for film roles that mentions Orlando.

Sun Sentinel Article
sun-sentinel.com has an article about Orlando's popularity, saying he "is easily this generation's most famous heartthrob". The OB Files is also mentioned!

TV Hits Interview
Kate sent in an Orlando interview from tvhit.com.au.

Demi Magazine
From Maria: In the Finnish magazine Demi (11/2005) on the November issue, there is a big poster of Elizabethtown and many pictures of Orlando (two pages). The magazine also tells a little bit about Orlando's old movies.

Kirsten Dunst Interview
From Kate: These few interview questions were part of an interview with Kirsten Dunst on nw.ninemsn.com.au.

Your co-star Orlando Bloom is a teen heart throb. Why do you think that is?
I think Orlando has such a ... He's not intimidating as a man because he still has that boyish quality about him. I think that that's really not threatening to young girls and I think that's why they're so drawn to him.

Who was your Orlando growing up?
Johnny Depp. [Laughs].
What's this we hear about you two skinny dipping during filming?
I did not skinny dip with Orlando! I had stuff on! I can tell you that there's nothing going on between Orlando and I. We got along very well - as friends.

Australian Magazines
Thanks to Kate for letting us know that there is an Orlando article in the December 2005 issue of TV Hits (Australia), a poster in the December issue of Girlfriend (Australia), and the December issue of Dolly (Australia) has a flip cover with Orlando on the back.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Stephanie (12) from her friend Scarlett, Teagan (13), Claire (17), Kelly (15) from Elizabeth, Tess (17) from Emily, Tiffany (15) from Megan.

  Wednesday, November 2
Elizabethtown Interview and Competition
Thanks to Rachel who is doing online publicity for Elizabethtown for sending in links to an Orlando video interview and poster competition.
Windows Media format: Low| High
RealVideo format: Low | High
Quicktime format: Low | High

Elizabethtown DVD Release Date
From Kristen: According to comingsoon.net, "Elizabethtown" will come out on DVD on Feburary 7th.

Kino & Co. Scans
Maren sent in scans from the October German cinema magazine Kino & Co. (1, 2, 3)

Premiere Scans
Here are scans of the Elizabethtown article in the November issue of Premiere (US).

GQ Scans
Serein at Orlando Love has posted the scans from the November issue of GQ (US). They include 2 photos not shown on the GQ website.

At the Movies Interview
Vanessa sent in a link to Aust
ralia's At the Movies website that has a video interview with Orlando

TOPP Magazine Scans
Marte sent in scans the October issue TOPP (Norway). (1 & 2) The headline says "Five things we like about Orlando."

Volvo Ocean Race News
From upi.com: Captain Jack Sparrow won't be at the helm, but the Black Pearl will be full sail ahead for the 31,250-mile Volvo Ocean Race. Disney paid as much as $15 million for its 70-foot floating billboard, E! Online reported Monday. The vessel, emblazoned with a skull and crossed scabbards logo, sets sail on the eight-month race Nov. 12 in Vigo, Spain. The race winds up in Gothenburg, Sweden, June 17, three weeks before the release of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest." The third "Pirates" film is due out in the summer of 2007.

Teenpeople.com Gallery
From Maya: On Teenpeople.com, there's a photo gallery of "The British Blokes We Love". Orlando is obviously there! He's photo #7. Dominic Monaghan is also included in the gallery.

Dutch Elle Girl Scans
Nicole posted scans from the Nov./Dec. issue of Elle Girl (NED).

Sugar Magazine
From Stephanie: In the December issue of Sugar (UK) there is a 2-page interview with Orlando in the LadMag, with two A4 posters. A few of the comments I have heard before, like "You can take the boy out of Canterbury, but you can't take the Canterbury out if the boy".

POTC 2 Set Visit
Comingsoon.net has an article about visiting the POTC 2 set and some plot details.

New Woman Magazine
From Lucinda: There is an article on Orlando in this month's New Woman UK (with Kylie on the front).

Cosmo Girl Magazine
From Balsam: I found a picture of Orlando in the American Cosmo Girl November issue. His picture is on page 31, bottom right.

Italian Rolling Stone
From Elena: In Italian Rolling Stone, month of November, there's an article regarding Orlando and a nice photo of him with his dog.

All Stars Online
Thanks to All Stars Online for making The OB Files the site of the month.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kayla (15), Clarissa (13), Hollz (14) from Lou, Sheena (13) from her friend Clarissa, Megan (16) from her friend Kelly, Amelia, Brittanie (17) from her sister Natalie, Dani from her friend Krista.

October 2005
  Saturday, October 22
GQ Article
The GQ site has added the Orlando article and photos from the November issue.

Orlando's Celebrity Playlist
Thanks to Morgan for letting us know that Orlando's and Kirstin's Celebrity Playlist is now up on iTunes. Here are screen caps because I'm too lazy to type them out. (Orlando, Kirstin)

Entertainment Weekly
The October 28th issue of Entertainment Weekly printed my letter regarding the issue with Orlando on the cover! They did edit it a bit. This was my full letter:
I've been a long time EW subscriber, and had practically given up hope of ever seeing my favorite actor on the cover (without pointy ears and a blonde wig). So I was thrilled to finally see Orlando Bloom's brown eyes staring out from the October 7th cover! Thank you for the wonderful photos and Elizabethtown article. This is one EW issue that won't be going in the recycling bin! May I suggest an idea for another cover? Orlando and Johnny Depp, for the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels!

Kingdom of Heaven Tops DVD Sales
Canmag.com has an article about Kingdom of Heaven topping the DVD sales chart. They also added Orlando to their database. I wrote the bio and Memorable Moments for them, but you can submit your own if you disagree with me. ;)

Elizabethtown Prop Auction
Premiere Props is auctioning off props and wardrobe from Elizabethtown.

Acedmagazine.com Interview
Acedmagazine.com has posted an Orlando and Kristin interview.

TheCinemaSource.com Interview
TheCinemaSource.com has an interview with Orlando.

Lembas for the Soul
Lembas for the Soul, the new LOTR Fans' Anthology, is now available to pre-order! The much-anticipated collection of The Lord of the Rings fans' true experiences will be released December 1, 2005. Ringers from all over the world have shared their Lord of the Rings experiences with editor Catherine Kohman. Deeply-felt tales of newly forged friendship, courage and inspiration, joy and loss fill the pages. Pre-order from whitetreepress.com before November 15 and receive a 10% discount!

Dutch Info
From Jorien: Elizabethtown is being released November 4th in Holland. This week's "Hitkrant" magazine has a short interview with Orlando and a contest to win tickets to the movie. Orlando and Kirsten Dunst are also on the cover of the Dutch "Elle Girl" magazine. There's an interview with them in it.

Moviefone.com Interview
Moviefone.com has a 20 minute video of Orlando and Cameron Crowe interviewing each other.

Mizz Magazine
FromIdril: There are several pictures of Orlando in issue 533 of Mizz (UK) (Oct 19th-1st Nov) including one of his LOTR tattoo, and an A4 poster of him and Sidi.

Bliss Magazine
From Hannah: In Bliss magazine (UK) there is an A5 article about what Orlando does for his days off. It also has a cute picture of him walking Sidi beside it. Later on in the magazine there is an A5 picture of Orli too!

Courier-Mail Article
Vanessa sent in an Orlando article from the Courier-Mail (Australia) on October 15.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Nikki, Tracy H. (16), Jess (15) from her friend Becky, Whitney (14), Steph (14) from Chris, Faith (15), Kristina (16) from her friend Laura, Gommy from Cat, Courtney, Erica F. (13) from her friend Cailtin, Laura (15), Leslie (16) from her friend Grace.

  Thursday, October 13
Filmink Magazine
The latest issue of the Australian movie magazine FILMINK features Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom on the cover, with articles and interviews on Elizabethtown inside. Here are scans from the magazine, thanks to Filmink. Please support them by buying the magazine, which hits stands in Australia and New Zealand on October 15th. You can purchase it online or by emailing Dina.

The Early Show Rescheduled
Orlando was not on The Early Show on Wednesday, probably because of scheduling conflicts, but according to their site, he will be on the show Thursday.

NY Premiere Video Clips
A added video clips from Extra and Access Hollywood at the NY premiere of Elizabethtown.

Elizabethtown Articles
Here are some of the latest articles and interviews about Elizabethtown.
Bloom Spreads his Wings in Romantic Role - Orlando Sentinel (US)
Orlando Blooms as a Lead Under Crowe's Influence - USA Today (US)
INTERVIEW: Orlando Bloom on "Elizabethtown" - cinecon.com
'Liztown's' Planes, Pains and Automobiles - zap2it.com
Discovering the USA with Orlando Bloom - teenhollywood.com
A Career in Bloom - Boston Herald (US)
Orlando Bloom: Face Value - The Independent (UK)

Paris, Je T'aime Update
It seems that Orlando's role in Paris, Je T'aime has been recast, according to IMDb. A few of the other roles have also been recast with different actors.

The Calcium Kid on US TV
The Calcium Kid is scheduled to air on Comedy Central at 8am on the 17th.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Catherine (15) from her friend Laura, Claire (13), and Heidi.

  Wednesday, October 12
Elizabethtown WB Preview Clip
I added a video clip of the Elizabethtown preview shown during the Gilmore Girls on the WB. It includes Orlando and Kirstin talking about the movie while showing clips.

ET Video Clip
Here's a video clip from Entertainment Tonight of Orlando at the NY premiere of Elizabethtown.

Regis and Kelly Video Clip
Here's a video clip of Orlando on Regis and Kelly.

Kingdom of Heaven DVD Specials
From Cat: WalMart has a free KOH book when you buy the DVD.
Also, Best Buy is giving away a free "Road to Elizabethtown" DVD that includes 24 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and clips from the film.

Teen People Article
Here are scans and the article from the November issue of Teen People. Teenpeople.com also has a video interview with Orlando.

Smash Hits magazine
From Becky: In the September - October issue of Smash Hits (UK) magazine there is an A4 poster of Orlando.

Mizz Magazine
From Aranel: There are several pictures of Orly in Mizz (UK) issue 532, 5th October-18th October, including a mini-interview in the dvd reviews about KOH. No new info about him or the film but the picture with the article is nice!

Movie Alert Magazine
From Cindy: In a Dutch magazine called Movie Alert (October issue) there's an article about Elizabethtown and a small movie poster.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Brenna, and Amy (15) from Sam.

  Monday, October 10
Good Morning America Video Clips and Screencaps
I added a video clip and screencaps of Orlando on Good Morning America this morning.

TRL Video Clip and Screencaps
I added a video clip and screencaps of Orlando and Kirstin on MTV's TRL today. Screencaps will be up soon.

Entertainment Weekly Scan
Kim sent in a scan from the October 14 issue of Entertainment Weekly (US).

MTV Etown Special Video Clips and Screencaps
I added video clips and screencaps from MTV's Elizabethtown special.

Entertainers Video Clip
I added a video clip of the Orlando interview on Entertainers with Byron Allen.

New TV Alerts
Orlando will be on TRL today at 5pm, Regis and Kelly on the 11th, and on the Today Show on the 15th.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Amy, Kayla (15), Angel (14), and Joy (14) from her friend Halli.

  Wednesday, October 5
Oprah Video Clips and Screencaps
I added video clips and screencaps of Orlando on Oprah today. You can read about the show and see photos on Oprah.com.

Elizabethtown Contest
Cinema Confidential is giving away a poster signed by Orlando and the rest of the cast of Elizabethtown, as well as other prize packs.

teenpeople.com Poll
From Emy: We can vote on teenpeople.com for the hottest guy and Orlando is currently in first place!

Star Inc. Magazine
Emmy says that Orlando is on the front cover of Star Inc. (Quebec) along with an interview.

E-town Preview During Gilmore Girls
From Rogue: Next Tuesday (10-11-05) at 8pm on the WB they will go 'behind the scenes' of Elizabethtown during the new episode of "Gilmore Girls"

  Tuesday, October 4
E-town Press Interview
From Steve at Entertainment World: Entertainment World has posted an exclusive interview with Orlando Bloom. We will be posting part 2 on Wednesday Night along with Kirsten Dunst Interview.

Entertainment Weekly Scans
Here are scans from the October 7th issue of Entertainment Weekly with Orlando on the cover.

E! News Weekend Video Clip
Here's a video clip of Orlando in an E-town press interview from E! News Weekend.

TV Alerts
I updated the TV Guide with more Orlando Etown appearances, including Oprah tomorrow, CMT Insider on CMT and Paula Goes To Hollywood on the FOOD network on October 8, The Early Show on the 12th, and The View on the 14th. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the info.

Teen People
From SavvyMoo: Orlando & Kirsten are on the cover of the November Teen People! There's also a two-page article.

Elizabethtown London Premiere
A lot of people have been asking me when and where the London premiere of Elizabethtown will be. I emailed someone at Paramount, and they told me that there is not going to be a premiere, only festival screenings. But I was not told if Orlando would be there.

Teen Tribute Article
From The Raptor: This month's issue of Teen Tribute (Canada), which is available for free at some theatres or by subscription, features Orlando and Kristin on the cover (Johnny Depp on reverse cover) and has a bunch of pictures, an Elizabethtown poster, and a two-page article on the film and the stars which can be viewed online at tribute.ca.

Empire Magazine
From Rachel: Just thought you'd like to know that over here, the UK Empire has a review for Elizabethtown (4/5 stars!) as well as an interview with Orlando that takes place a year after him and Keira Knightley were on the cover. There is also a short Kingdom of Heaven DVD review.

Heat Magazine
From Chloe: In the latest issue of Heat (UK) there's a small picture of Orlando and a few words saying 'Elizabethtown, the new Orlando Bloom movie directed by Cameron Crowe, is getting a trim following it's recent world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. When it hits cinemas later this year it will be a whole 20 minutes shorter than the first cut. Orlando fans will have to wait for the DVD for the edited footage'. There's also a review of the 'Kingdom Of Heaven' dvd.

Elizabethtown Soundtrack Giveaway
Orlando Bloom Fans Online is giving away an Elizabethtown soundtrack to those who see the movie the most.

E-Town Fan Video
Sonia has made an E-Town video featuring Drew Baylor titled "Sympathy". Download it at simplysonia.com under ORLANDO BLOOM, then VIDS.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Kendra (16) from her best friend Emmy, Amanda F. (18) from Lorae, Christina from her friend Joy, Hannah (14),

September 2005
  Thursday, September 29
Entertainment Weekly
Orlando and Kristin are on the cover (finally!) of the October 7th issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newstands this Friday. Here is a photo of the cover, thanks to EW.

Elizabethtown Contest
Moviefone is running a contest; Make a 10-second video on your hometown and you could be part of an Elizabethtown commercial.

TV Alerts
I updated the TV Guide with Elizabethtown specials, and an appearance on David Letterman on October 10.

Yahoo UK Poll
From Lee: On the Yahoo (UK & Ireland) movies homepage there is a poll: Q. There seems to be a glut of film stars treading the boards in the UK at the moment, but who would you pay to see on stage?
- Orlando Bloom is one of the choices and right now he's at second place with 17% right behind Keira Knightley who's number 1 with 18%.

DVD Easter Eggs
Cat posted on her journal how to find the DVD easter eggs in Orlando's movies.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Taylor (12) from Twix, Carol from Kate, Emily, Brittany (13) from her friend Rami, Lauren, and Sam (15).

  Tuesday, September 27
Extra Video Clip
I added a video clip of Orlando being interviewed on Extra yesterday.

Elizabethtown Road Trip Video
The Road Trips section on the official Elizabethtown site has been updated, with a contest and a video of Orlando and Cameron Crowe talking about road trips.

Elizabethtown Contest
acedmagazine.com is giving away an Elizabethtown prize package.

10-Minute Elizabethtown Clip
Moviefone.com has added a 10-Minute extended clip from Elizabethtown, of Drew talking on the phone with Claire.

teenvogue.com has some extra things not in the October issue featuring Orlando. I did have the scans on the site, but the publisher asked me to remove them.

Poster in Bliss
From Zoe: There is a poster of Orlando in BLISS, October (UK).

TeenPeople.com Article
From Maya: On TeenPeople.com, there's a new article about Orlando. It shows a picture of Orlando and describes how he loved filming in Kentucky.

Legolas Pic in White Dwarf
From Idril: There is a picture of Legolas in the October issue of White Dwarf (UK) (Gandalf fighting the Balrog is on the cover.) It is an A4 picture of him in some woods with his bow loaded, the pic is at the start of the LOTR strategy battle game section.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Jo-Ann (14) from her friend Rami, Leanne (16) from her Orlando OBsessed friend, Lou.

  Wednesday, September 21
Elizabethtown Site Updated
The official Elizabethtown site has been updated with a new screen saver, Buddy Icons, and poster downloads. There's also a music trailer, where Cameron Crowe talks about the music used in the film.

Elizabethtown Press Conference Audio
dreamworksfansite.com posted audio clips from the Elizabethtown press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Elizabethtown Promo Photos
Fifi sent in 20 studio promo photos for Elizabethtown.

Elizabethtown Featurette
Hollywood.com has an miss the exclusive featurette on the making of Elizabethtown.

Elizabethtown Soundtrack Scans
Katie sent in scans of the Elizabethtown soundtrack booklet.

Star Interview
The Toronto Star has an interview with Orlando from Sept. 12.

Comedy Central Marathon
Rachel sent in info that Orlando and Kirsten Dunst will be hosting a movie marathon on Comedy Central, October 9th from 1 to 7pm. "In the new movie, Elizabethtown, coming to theaters October 14th, Orlando Bloom is trying hard not to fall in love with Kirsten Dunst, a flight attendant he meets while on a cross country trek with his father's ashes. On October 9th, join Orlando and Kirsten as they come to Comedy Central to take you on a movie style road trip and offer an exclusive sneak peek at their new film. First stop on the trip is The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!, where Leslie Neilsen attempts to fight crime in the streets of L.A., at 1p. Next take a crazy cross country trek with Eddie Griffin and Orlando Jones as they try to outrun the Feds, in Double Take at 3p. Finally, at 5p, join Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate as they hit the road to find true love in The Sweetest Thing."

The Globe and Mail
From The Raptor: The Sept. 15th issue of THE GLOBE AND MAIL newspaper had some Toronto International Film Festival stuff, including a picture of Orlando (color on cover, larger black and white inside). They dissed his outfit, saying: "You're not the untouchable Johnny Depp - yet. As a look, Sleazy Crime Rat just doesn't cut it." Orli was wearing a blue dress shirt and a black suit, with his hair slicked back. His necklaces were not visible, but perhaps he wore them under his shirt. Johnny Depp was listed as one of the best dressed, with a black dress shirt and grey suit and miscellaneous beads and necklaces around his neck and hanging off his beltloop.

Kingdom of Heaven DVD Review
dvdanswers.com has a review of the 2-disc Kingdom of Heaven DVD, that is out in the UK on October 3.

Elizabethtown Photos
outnow.ch has added some new Hi-Res stills from Elizabethtown. Click on "Bild in Originalgrosse zeigen" to see them in full size.

"Average Joe at Last"
Pam sent in a link to an Orlando article with video clips at mtv.com

Poster in Starhits
From Kate: There's a big poster in the "Star hits" (Germany/Austria).

Calendar at Kmart
From Mollie May: I was looking in the school supplies section at Kmart and they had a 2006 16 month Orlando Calendar for $9.99.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Ellie (24), Laura from her friend Rami, Heike (16), Ivana (15), Emma from her best bud Lou.

  Sunday, September 11
MuchMusic Video and Photos
You can download video clips of Orlando on Live @ MuchMusic at muchmusic.com. I've added some screen caps and fan photos here.

Teen People Scan
Ali sent in a scan of the Elizabethtown postcards in the October issue of Teen People (US).

'Full Bloom for a Red-hot Young Star'
ninemsn.com.au has an article on Orlando.

Elizabethtown Premieres in KY and TN
Dana sent in an article that talks about the premiere of Elizabethtown in Elizabethtown, Kentucky this Saturday. It will be followed by another in Louisville in which Orlando will be in attendance along with Cameron Crowe. The next day, they will travel to Nashville in a bus wrapped in a huge "Elizabethtown" banner for a third screening.

Elizabethtown Video Clips
Here are some Elizabethtown clips available through different sites:
"Almost Kiss" clip in multiple formats
"Bill Banyon" clip in Quicktime format
"I Know What You Deserve" clip in Windows Media format

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Natasha (14) from her friend Rami, Shana from Veronica, Morgan O-J (15), Gwen, Vilde (16).

  Thursday, September 8
Fan Mail Changes
I forgot to post this before. There have been some changes to the fan mail directions. Reply coupons are still welcome and encouraged if you are requesting an autograph. You need three coupons no matter where you live, unless you live in the UK, in which case you can just include a UK stamp. If you can't find reply coupons, then that's OK, you will still get an autograph. Do not send cash, checks, or money orders.

Bop Magazine Scans
Orlizgurl4ever sent in scans from the October issue of Bop (US). (1, 2, 3)

Venice Film Festival Photos
I added over 500 photos from the Venice Film Festival.

Orlando on MuchMusic
From Bianca: Orlando, Cameron Crowe, and Kirsten Dunst will be at MuchMusic (the program is called Live@Much) on Saturday, September 10 @ 4pm ET. 'Tune in @ 3pm ET for the Countdown and then @ 4pm ET, it's Elizabethtown Live@Much!' You can go here for more info and how to send in questions that might be asked to them on air.
Thanks to everyone who sent in the info.

Elizabethtown Article in Famous
Tamara sent in a scan of an Elizabethtown article from the September issue of Famous (Canada), which you can get free in movie theaters.

Teen Vogue
Here's a preview of Orlando on the cover of the October issue of Teen Vogue (US), thanks to Tracy.
Gen says: The article inside starts on page 165 and has four new crisp clear photos. One of them is him walking on a big green lawn, another is with him almost nose to nose with a labrador retriever (his hair is in his face but he's still very visable), and then there are two others.

Elizabethtown Postcard
Samm sent in a scan of an Elizabethtown postcard that her sister got in her welcome bag at Edinborough University, PA.

Elizabethtown Article
Lauren sent in an article about the anticipation for Elizabethtown, and they mention The OB Files.

POTC 2 Photos
Mia E. sent in a link to a bunch of on set photos of POTC 2, as well as some promotional photos that I posted before.

canmag.com Top 10 Actors
Orlando is number 3 on canmag.com's reader's poll of favorite actors. Thanks to Chloe for the info.

The Calcium Kid on UK TV
From Stephanie: The Calcium Kid will be showing on Sky Movies 1 at 8pm on Friday 9th September.

Orlando Bloom's a Modern Man
Here's an article about Orlando and Elizabethtown from MSN. Thanks to everyone who sent in the link.

Glamour Scan
Rogue sent in a scan from the September issue of Glamour (US) which has a small photo of Orlando in an article.

Autographed Dog Statue
From Jey: Orlando (in collaboration with Tom Cruise) designed a dog [statue] to be auctioned to raise money for the Battersea dogs & cats home.

Elizabethtown Site Updated
The official Elizabethtown site has been updated with Claire's diary and all the songs on the Elizabethtown soundtrack.

Donna Moderna Scans
WhiteFairy from Orlando Bloom Forever sent in scans from an article in the August 31 issue of Donna Moderna (Italy). She said there is no new info.

Bloomfans.us Contests
From Luthy, at Orlando Bloom Fans Online: The winners of our e-town contest have been anounced. Also there is a new contest up for September. It's a picture caption game in the Legolas forum. The winner will receive an autographed POTC poster. We are still giving away E-town shirts for our refer-a-friend program.

OB Fan Birthdays
Happy Birthday to Alison from her friend Edmea, Lindsey (14) from her friend Amy, Lisa (13), Michael (13) from his sister Lisa, Rami (14), Alison from her friend Edmea, Gaby (14), Megan (15), Marisa (17) from her mom, and Angela.