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Orlando Bloom stars as Paris in the war epic, Troy. Troy is loosely based on Homer's Iliad and sections of the Odyssey. Though the story is closely related to Homer's poem, the Paris portrayed by Orlando is different from the Paris we see in the myth. For example, the gods and goddesses who start the war between Greece and Troy are no longer involved. Instead the writers have decided to make references to the gods and made the undeniable attraction of Paris and Helen to mark the start of this story.

Paris was one half a pair of lovers whose story has been told for ages. He was an honorable prince of Troy and a loyal son to King Priam. He and his older brother, Hector, Priam's eldest son and general of the Trojan army, were sent to seal a treaty with King Menelaus to allow free trade between the once opposing countries. It was then that Paris met the beautiful Helen, wife to Menelaus, and queen of Sparta. Captured by her beauty, Paris made a decision that would ignite the war that would bring death and destruction to his people.

He decided to abduct Helen from her loveless marriage and bring her to Troy. Beneath the deck of his ship she waited until they had come to the safety of the sea. It was then that Paris told his brother, Hector, that Helen was safely tucked away below the deck. Hector grew angry and contemplated sending Helen back, but Paris would undoubtedly ask to go with her, which would result in his death. So Hector is forced into bringing both Paris and Helen back from the kingdom of Sparta, where many enemies lie in wait.

What began as a peaceful expedition would soon turn into a bloody war caused by the passion of two lovers. When it is discovered that Helen is gone and who had taken her, King Menelaus decides to wage war upon Paris and Troy in order to get his queen back. He asks Agamemnon, his brother, often considered the king of kings and the first to unite Greece, to help him in this battle. Agamemnon's leadership and greed unite the Grecian tribes. He enlists Odysseus and the world's greatest warrior, Achilles, to help him defeat Troy and kill Paris. Meanwhile, the people of Troy welcome Paris back to the kingdom and are overjoyed to meet his new woman. King Priam was aware what the consequences of his son's actions would be, but he let Helen stay and let the fire of his son's love live, even for a little while.

When the opposing armies draw nigh, Paris is called to war. After battling grows hot, it comes down to a duel at the gates of Troy. Paris decides to challenge King Menelaus, killing one to save thousands. Paris survives this duel and lives to fight the bloody battles near the city where his love waits. The warrior Achilles slays his noble brother Hector and so Paris intends to take his revenge. Though he is generally considered a lover, not a fighter, Paris shoots Achilles in the tendon of his heel and kills the mighty warrior.

(Bio by Erin)

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