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Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Walt Disney Pictures 2003, Feature Length Film, Rated PG-13
Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Pictures
Distributed by Buena Vista (domestic)

Cast and Crew
Orlando Bloom (Will Turner)
Johnny Depp (Capt. Jack Sparrow)
Geoffrey Rush (Capt. Barbossa)
Keira Knightley (Elizabeth Swann)
Mackenzie Crook (Woodeye)
Johnathan Pryce (Governor Swann)
Isaac C. Singleton Jr. (Bosun)
Jack Davenport (Norrington)
Dylan Smith (young Will Turner)
Lucinda Dryzek (young Elizabeth Swann)
Lee Arenberg (Pintel)

Director: Gore Verbinski
Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
Screenwriters: Jay Wolpert, Stuart Beattie, Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott

The film is inspired by the Disney theme park ride, and is described by the studio as a big-budget "romantic action adventure".

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer presents the live-action adventure “Pirates of the Caribbean,” starring Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush and Orlando Bloom, directed by Gore Verbinski.  An unusual gold medallion brings romance and intrigue, along with a cursed treasure, into the lives of beautiful Elizabeth Swann (KEIRA KNIGHTLEY), and her childhood friend, the handsome and gifted blacksmith Will Turner (ORLANDO BLOOM).  When the nefarious Captain Barbossa (GEOFFREY RUSH) and his crew of living skeletons sail into Port Royal, decimating the town and kidnapping Elizabeth, a chase on the high seas ensues.  Doomed forever, Barbossa’s crew carries a curse that can be broken only if the treasure they plundered is restored and a blood debt repaid.  Meanwhile, Will is determined to rescue Elizabeth.  He joins forces with a roguish swashbuckler Captain Jack Sparrow (JOHNNY DEPP) who wants only to reclaim his ship, the Black Pearl, from Barbossa.  But first Will must help Jack escape the grasp of Governor Swann (JONATHAN PRYCE) and the dashing, ambitious Commodore Norrington (JACK DAVENPORT) whom Swann had hoped would one day marry his daughter.  Pursued by Norrington aboard the Dauntless, Jack, Will and their ragtag crew commandeer the H.M.S. Interceptor (The Lady Washington), the fastest ship in the British fleet.  Against all odds, our valiant heroes race toward a thrilling confrontation of clashing swords in fierce mortal combat with Barbossa and his dreaded Pirates of the Caribbean. Credit: Disney Press Dept.

Film Outline
The film will include familiar elements from the ride as well as a supernatural curse, a maiden's rescue, a romance, secret hidden treasure, and finally, a climactic sea battle between the pirates and the British Navy.

Main Players

  • Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp; a roguish but goodhearted pirate with an adventurous streak, very much a "Han Solo" type of character.

  • Will Turner, played by Orlando Bloom; a fellow who hates pirates but discovers an important link to them in his past.

  • Captain Barbossa, the evil pirate captain played by Geoffrey Rush; he and his mateys are victims of a deadly pirate curse.

  • Elizabeth Swann, the governor's daughter as played by Keira Knightly. She'll be the romantic interest of Will Turner.

Behind the Scenes Info
The film has a budget of around 137 million dollars, and has said to have tremendous merchandising potential and the possibility for sequels. The special effects are being done by Industrial Light and Magic. There are already plans to develop the movie into a video game.

Some of the movie sets at the Disney studios in Burbank, CA include a completed mill interior, a pirate ship hold, and a massive volcanic cavern set which was described as "breathtaking." Apparently, the set will be flooded with several feet of water.

The script for Pirates was penned by a quartet of writers, with the most recent draft by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (Shrek, The Mask of Zorro, The Road to El Dorado). The pair were hired to add the supernatural elements to a previous draft by Stuart Beattie. Beattie's version was a brush-up of the first draft by screenwriter Jay Wolpert (The Count of Monte Cristo). Beattie, regarded as an expert on pirates, was brought on to add realism.

Filming Dates and Locations
Filming began October 7th, 2002 in LA, including Disney Studios in Burbank, and continued in the Caribbean in January and February of 2003 with a crew of about 300, including 20-25 extras, in Kingstown, the capital of St. Vincent island.

From Coming Attractions: "There is a big set being constructed at the old Marineland in Palos Verdes. They are building (almost finished with) the fort that the pirate ship sails up to and shoots at. They are also building a Mansion. If you stop at the rest area before you get to the entrance, you can get a great view of the fort. They are also building a pirate ship in the old Spruce Goose hanger in Long Beach."



Theater Release Dates
(subject to change)
Canada - 9 July 2003
USA - 9 July 2003
Argentina - 17 July 2003
Israel - 24 July 2003
Japan - 2 August 2003
Iceland - 8 August 2003
UK - 8 August 2003
Taiwan - 9 August 2003
Belgium - 13 August 2003
France - 13 August 2003
Paraguay - 15 August 2003 ("Los Piratas del Caribe: La maldicion de la Perla Negra")
Brazil - 15 August 2003 ("Piratas Do Caribe - A Maldição da Pérola Negra")
Netherlands - 14 August 2003
China - 21 August 2003
Czech Republic - 28 August 2003
Malaysia - 28 August 2003
Finland - 29 August 2003
Sweden - 27 August 2003
Austria - 4 September 2003
Germany - 2 September 2003 ("Curse Of The Caribbean")
Spain - ? ("Los Piratas del Caribe: La Maldicion de la Perla Negra")
Italy - 5 September 2003 ("La Maledizione Della Prima Luna")
Denmark - 5 September 2003
Australia - 11 September 2003
Slovakia - 18 September 2003
New Zealand - 11 September 2003
South Africa - 19 September 2003

DVD/Video Release Dates
US - 2 December 2003
UK - 5 December 2003

Screen Captures
Publicity Photos
Concept art work
Set Photos taken at the Old Marine Land amusement park on the cliffs of Palos Verdes.
Set Photos from Countingdown.com

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