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Haven DVD
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Shy is a young man in the Cayman Islands, working as a fisherman. He got his nickname from having to witness his own father's death, and keeping it to himself for nearly five years. He loves a girl, Andrea, who comes from "the right side of the tracks", while he comes from a rough beginning. Although she loves him back, they must never reveal that they are in love. Secret meetings and untold truths between the two are mandatory if they wish to keep peace between their families. One night, on Andrea's birthday, when she turns "legal", Shy goes to her house to visit her while her parents are away. Shy's best friend, Kimo, helps Shy by keeping watch outside, making sure her parents don't arrive home too soon. A night of romance leads to morning, with danger waiting. Kimo mistakenly dozes off and forgets to keep watch, while Andrea's parents come home and discover Shy in their house. Shy manages to escape, but with revenge soon to come.

Filled with remorse, Andrea turns to drugs to help her ease her pain. Her father makes her take Sex Ed. classes to understand what she has done with Shy. Hammer, Andrea's brother, is furious with Shy and does permanent damage to his face one afternoon. Lead by confusion, anger, and a broken heart, Shy goes into a somewhat state of depression and denial. A few months later, Shy and Andrea meet at a party. She is high on drugs, and innocent Shy is once again beaten and persecuted by Hammer for seeing Andrea. Later that night, a murder takes place. Shy kills Hammer for all that he has done to him, and for what? Payback? Shy soon feels guilty and shuts himself out of the world. He no longer knows where to go, or who to turn to. Andrea tries reaching out to him, but the attempt turns futile. Shy, known for love, and not hate, exiles his heart forever. Can love survive the fall of paradise?

(Bio by Emilie)

Quotes by Orlando on Shy

"I crave working on those small independent movies because I love going to see those myself." - Orlando Bloom

"Haven's a really cool movie that we're trying to get to come out early next year. It took a while because it's a smaller movie. Money doesn't just fall off trees. It takes a lot longer. There were issues with some of that stuff, but I'm so proud of it as a film." - Orlando Bloom

"It's this crazy, kooky little movie. I'm really, really proud of the work that I did in it, and that everyone did in it, and of the director who was a first time, a 24-year-old kid when he directed it. It's just out there." - Orlando Bloom

"It's an island movie. It's set in the Cayman Islands and that's a real eclectic group of people who live in the Cayman Islands. It's American, it's English, it's French, it's whatever. It's got a piece of everything. - Orlando Bloom

"It's not a romance. It's sort of like a "Romeo and Juliet" with a few other undercurrents, like the underbelly of an island where it's a tax haven, so what does that bring to the table? There's a huge culture. There's race. And there??s romance in the sense that there's that unrequited love and stuff. It's pretty cool." - Orlando Bloom


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