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Will Turner is a young blacksmith who lives in Port Royal in the Caribbean. He is considered lower class, but he is kind hearted, honorable, and a true gentleman. He works in a blacksmith shop as an apprentice, although he does most of the work while his master gets drunk and dozes off. Will is a fine craftsman, and swordsman, as he practices 3 hours a day with the swords that he forges. He loathes pirates, but loves Elizabeth Swann, the Governor's daughter. Will and Elizabeth have known each other since they were children. A ship carrying Governor Swann and Elizabeth came across the wreckage of the ship that carried Will. It had been destroyed by the pirate ship The Black Pearl, and Will was the only survivor. This is no doubt the source of Will's hatred towards pirates.

Will never knew his father, whom he was named after. He was raised by his mother in England, and grew up believing that his father was a merchant sailor, "a good, respectable man who obeyed the law." After his mother died, Will set sail for the Caribbean to try to find his father. When he meets pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, Will finds out that his father was also a pirate, known as "Bootstrap Bill". But although he was a pirate, he was also a good man. Will's impression of pirates changes, and he realizes that although they may be scallywags, they can also be noble and true to their word.

When Elizabeth is captured by Captain Barbossa of The Black Pearl, Will risks his life to save her. With the help of Jack, he is reunited with his love. Although Governor Swann had wished that his daughter would marry Commodore Norrington, he could see that her heart was with Will, a blacksmith, and a pirate.

(Bio by Sarah, The OB Files)

Quotes about Will Turner

"One of my lines is, 'I practice three hours a day so when I meet a pirate, I can kill him.' I say that to Johnny and I'm supposed to be very good with a sword. Johnny's character sort of toys with me and that irritates me, who's really straight down the line and knows every move." Bloom says about his character's knowledge of the rules of engagement. "But Johnny's going, 'I'm a pirate,' and he's slapping me on the bum with his sword, running circles around me." - Orlando, Flaunt Magazine (US), Summer Reign 2003

"My character, Will, is a romantic," - Orlando, Sneak (UK)

"My character, Will, is a bit of a stick-in-the-mud who goes on an adventure to find the girl of his dreams. He's the boy from the wrong side of the tracks in love with a girl from the right side." - Orlando, Sneak (UK), July 22-28, 2003

"Will is very eager and dependable. He's a blacksmith by trade and a master swordsman. He's a man of honor, in a time when, really, there is no honor -- the polar opposite of Jack Sparrow. Will would throw his cape over a puddle for a woman. The character has a great arc; as he develops you see that he learns the way of the pirate." - Orlando, Disney magazine (US), Summer, 2003

Information about Orlando as Will:

  • During the sword fighting scene in the blacksmith shop, you get a glimpse of Orlando's 'nine' tattoo.
  • Orlando was one of the only cast members to not have a wig, although he did have hair extensions.
  • "Orlando Bloom signed to the movie the day before he showed up to shoot this scene and came right in and just got the character. He just was there and I think he had, like about what, ten minutes to work on the stuff with the sword, the flip and everything like that. So there are a couple of out-takes of that sword kind of becoming dangerously unguided. But just how well he plays this scene is just amazing. Everything about the character you need to know comes across here." - POTC screenwriter
  • "I got to kiss Orlando, and it was all going to be terribly romantic, because the sun was going down and there was sea and dolphins and all that kind of lovely stuff. And someone thought it was a fantastic idea to bring their teenage daughters on set that day and there were about four or five of them. I actually feared for my life. I thought there was going to be a stampede. I've never gotten the evil look before that these girls gave to me. So I'm sorry to every single teenage girl out there, but it was a very enjoyable experience apart from that." - Keira Knightley
  • When Jack sprays Will's face with the sack of red powder in the blacksmith shop, he is actually being sprayed with powdered chocolate.
  • Jerry Bruckheimer offered Orlando the role back in 2001 while filming Black Hawk Down in Morocco, before the Fellowship of the Ring even came out.

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